Payday 3 Matchmaking Issues Resolved, Starbreeze Announces


Payday 3's matchmaking issues have been fixed, and the game is now ready for a brighter future. Learn more about the update, Starbreeze's plans for Payday 3, and the CEO's message.

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Payday 3 Makes a Comeback with Stable Matchmaking

Enhances Player Distribution


Starbreeze recently reported in a press release on October 2nd of a substantial development in overcoming the matchmaking issues that hampered the launch of Payday 3. Starbreeze announced that after careful maintenance, the game's matchmaking system has stabilized, bringing smooth gameplay to the expanding player base.

Starbreeze described how they managed to fix the original matchmaking issues that plagued the launch of Payday 3. The matchmaking infrastructure received critical updates as part of an emergency scheduled maintenance, carried out on two days on September 26 and 29. The update required a thorough revamp of both software and hardware components to improve player dispersion, speed up matchmaking, and strengthen redundancy across all online services. Regional nodes were also added.

Payday 3's Impressive Player Stats Post Maintenance


Payday 3 displayed admirable performance metrics after maintenance. The game experienced an astounding high of 124,254 concurrent players over the previous five days. The number of unique players increased to 3,167,938 in September 2023. The gaming platform Starbreeze Nebula also has a sizable user base, with 4,538,702 registered members across all games.

Future Prospects for Payday 3


With the matching issues being resolved, Starbreeze is now prepared to step up its marketing efforts for Payday 3. Commercial initiatives, which were suspended in part the week before, are about to pick up speed. Early in October, Payday 3's first significant update will be released. This update's primary goal is to improve the gameplay as a whole. Players can look forward to several more scheduled upgrades that will offer improved quality-of-life features, additional content, bug fixes, and cutting-edge functions.

A Message from the CEO

The CEO of Starbreeze Entertainment, Tobias Sjögren, thanked the Payday community for their patience and steadfast support. He acknowledged the rough beginning but wanted to look at the long-term goal, reiterating their unwavering commitment to making Payday 3 a more substantial and expansive experience.

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