Super Mario RPG Japan-Exclusive Pre-Order Bonuses and How to Get Them


Super Mario RPG, a cult classic from the SNES era of gaming, is getting a remake exclusive for the Nintendo Switch, and its pre-orders are live. Read on to learn more about its pre-order bonuses and how to get them.

Super Mario RPG Remake's Japan Exclusive Pre-Order Merch


As revealed in a spectacular announcement that rang around the world, Super Mario RPG, a well-loved game from the SNES era, is getting a long-awaited remake for the Nintendo Switch. To build hype for the game’s release (as if there isn’t enough of that going around already), Nintendo has collaborated with retailers to release exclusive merch in the form of pre-order bonuses.

We’ve compiled a list of these pre-order bonuses below and their respective retailers so you can get your hands on them when the game comes out this November. Better get pre-ordering soon, the hype for this game is insane!

Super Mario RPG Remake Pre-Order Bonuses

Japan Exclusive Pre-Order Bonuses

Retailer Pre-Order Bonus Price
Nojima Online Tote Bag ¥6570
Amazon JP Pin & Plushie Set ¥15158
Rakuten Pouch ¥6578
HMV & Books Acrylic Stand ¥6578
7Net Pouch (Super Mario RPG Special Design) ¥5980
Wondergoo Keychain ¥6490
Geo Tin Container + Sticky Note Set ¥5780
Otakarasoko Button Badges N/A
Edion Tempered Glass Plate ¥5880
Bic Camera Wrapping Box ¥6570
Aeon Cushion N/A
Yamada Denki Picnic Sheet ¥6240

Players in Japan will have more pre-order bonus options from different retailers, such as plushies, tote bags, acrylic stands, and pouches with exclusive designs.

Players from outside of Japan can still pre-order these bonuses from each respective retailer’s website and have their bonuses shipped internationally.

Tote Bag

Nojima Online offers a white tote bag featuring the Super Mario RPG Remake cover art as its exclusive pre-order bonus.

The tote bag itself is very durable and can carry up to 10 kg safely. The design is rather simplistic, sporting a stark white background and the game’s cover art near the bottom. It’s not quite the colorful adventure we’ve come to love, but I'm just glad to finally have official merch for our favorite SNES classic.

Pin & Plushie Set

The Japanese Amazon website offers two exclusive pre-order bonuses: A die-cut pin featuring 6 playable characters from the game and a plushie set consisting of Mario, Bowser, and Peach.

These plushies are a godsend to any die-hard fan of the game or the Mario franchise in general, and you’re getting three of them right out of the gate! This is one of the better pre-order bonuses to come out, offering more bang for your buck than the others. It does cost the most, however, so you better start saving up for this pre-order.


Pre-ordering Super Mario RPG Remake from Rakuten will get you a pouch featuring the game's logo and characters as a pre-order bonus. The pouch's zipper also features an artwork of Mario.

This light beige pouch is one of the simpler pre-order bonuses, but that’s alright. For one thing, it’s a very practical piece of merch that could carry all your Mario paraphernalia. It’s also a very affordable bonus for the Super Mario RPG fan with a budget.

Acrylic Stand

HMV & Books offers a 28mm acrylic stand featuring Super Mario RPG Remake's Cover art with every pre-order.

Nothing expresses your unrelenting appreciation for one of your childhood favorites quite like an acrylic effigy. This sturdy acrylic stand snaps together easily and could really bring a collection together with its innate eye-catching design. You better get yours soon, I think this one might sell out before long.

Pouch (Super Mario RPG Remake Special Design)

7Net offers a pouch with a pattern style featuring all the characters and the Super Mario RPG Remake logo as its exclusive pre-order bonus.

Another pouch pre-order bonus, this time sporting a livelier pattern and an off-to-the-side zipper design. This is the pre-order bonus for the more discerning Super Mario RPG fan as it can double as a wallet with its high-quality make.


Pre-ordering Super Mario RPG Remake from WonderGoo's Website will reward you with a 70 mm x 70 mm keychain as a pre-order bonus.

The keychain itself is an acrylic square featuring the game’s cover art, much like the other pre-order bonuses. Again, a rather simple pre-order bonus, but it is a stylish one at that. Adorn your bags and zippers with this keychain and let the world know you’re a Super Mario RPG fan.

Tin Container + Sticky Note Set

Pre-ordering Super Mario RPG Remake from Geo's website will get you a sticky notepad in the shape of the game's cover art that comes in a metal container bearing the same image on its cover. There's no better way to store your favorite Super Mario RPG strategies and team compositions than on an officially licensed notepad. Now all you need is an officially licensed pen to go with it.

Button Badges

Otakarasoko offers high-quality button badges bearing the game's cover art as its pre-order bonus for Super Mario RPG Remake. Nothing flashes your devotion to Super Mario RPG to other fans like a stylish button badge on your person. Unfortunately, this pre-order bonus is no longer available as its promo period lasted only until November 11, 2023.

Tempered Glass Plate

Edion's online store offers a tempered glass plate as a pre-order bonus for the game. The tempered glass plate has the game's title and logo at its center and four of its playable characters on its face. This high-quality plate is presumably decorative, but I guess there's nothing stopping you from having a snack on it while you play the game on your Switch.

Wrapping Box

Pre-ordering the game from Bic Camera's online store nabs you a unique wrapping box featuring the game's title and logo on a stark white background. While not the most substantial pre-order bonus, consisting of a cardboard sleeve with unique game art, many would still consider a collector's item worth getting.


Aeon offered a cushion bearing the game's cover art and title card in its online store as a pre-order bonus for the game. The 300mm featured two sides, each with its own design. Unfortunately, the pre-order is no longer available on the online store as its promo period has passed.

Picnic Sheet

Yamada Denki offers a stark white picnic sheet bearing the game's cover art as its pre-order bonus in its online store. This sheet is sure to give you and your fellow Super Mario RPG fans protection from dirt whenever you go out in the great outdoors or even at conventions. Unfortunately, the pre-order bonus is no longer available as its promo period ended on November 13, 2023, at 10 am.

Gamestop Pre-Order Bonus (6 Button Set)


If you can't get these Japanese goods but are still looking for some good pre-order bonuses, you're in luck. Pre-ordering from GameStop will nab you an exclusive 6-piece button set featuring 5 playable characters and the game's logo as a pre-order bonus. This will set you back $59.99, but it will also include a physical copy of the game, as well as priceless bragging rights among other Super Mario RPG fans.

Each pin having a different character is a nice touch as it lets fans flash exactly which party members they like. Heck, wear three at a time and build your perfect party composition in real life. I prefer the classic Mario, Toadstool, and Geno build, but to each their own.

How to Pre-Order the Super Mario RPG Remake

Pre-Order on the Nintendo eShop


Super Mario RPG Remake is now available to pre-order on the official Nintendo eShop.

To preorder the game on the Nintendo Switch, simply head over to the Nintendo eShop and search for Super Mario RPG Remake. The game is priced at $59.99 and can also be preordered on the official website through a browser. Make sure to log in to your Nintendo account!

Once the game has been preordered, wait for the availability of a pre-load time. The game will be completely available on November 17, 2023.

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