Zenless Zone Zero Might Not Be miHoYo's Newest Game In the Works


Chinese netizens have discovered that miHoYo has trademarked a new product that many speculate to be a new game. Read on to learn more details about the trademark and its supposed name.

A New Game By miHoYo is Supposedly in the Works

The Game Might Be Like Animal Crossing


While miHoYo remains focused on developing the heavily-anticipated game Zenless Zone Zero, eagle-eyed Chinese netizens discovered that miHoYo Liyue Technology Co., Ltd. filed a trademark for a product named "星布谷地," as revealed on the official Chinese trademark information website on February 22.

The Chinese characters, read as "XinBuGuDi" in Pinyin, translates to "Starry Sky Valley" in English. Fans are abuzz with speculation that "Starry Sky Valley" might be the Animal Crossing-like game leaked last year by X(Twitter) users sipsipstefen and stepleaker.

The leaks showcased concept arts and gameplay screenshots strikingly reminiscent of Animal Crossing, imbued with the distinctive aesthetic of the HoYoverse.


Furthermore, Starry Sky Valley was recently registered as an account on Bilibili and on Weibo. Bilibili is a major video-sharing platform similar to YouTube, headquartered in Shanghai, while Weibo is China's largest social media platform.

With the recent registration of the name across Chinese social media platforms, the unveiling of XinBuGuDi could be imminent. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for further updates on this exciting development.


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