Unicorn Overlord Sequel is Already Being Considered


Sega recently sent out a survey asking people if they would purchase "any sequels" to Unicorn Overlord. Read on to learn more about this question and the survey.

Unicorn Overlord Sequel Could Get a Sequel

Unicorn Overlord Sales 500,000 Units Worldwide


On Sega Japan's official website, a recent survey has been launched for Unicorn Overlord, primarily targeting the Asian region. However, fans beyond Asia also have the opportunity to participate. In a noteworthy section of the survey, located on the second page, participants are asked to specify their country of origin, with the option to select "non-Asian region."

A question regarding a potential sequel was brought up as one of the last few questions, asking if the survey participant has plans "on purchasing any sequels to Unicorn Overlord if they were to be made?" While not definitive confirmation, this could indicate a possibility for a sequel. The responses to this question range from "very likely" to "very unlikely."

The speculation gains traction considering Unicorn Overlord's recent milestone of 500,000 units sold worldwide and its continued success, currently ranking 15th in software sales in Japan nearly a month after its release, as reported by Famitsu.

Additionally, the survey delved into various aspects, inquiring about the participant's choice of gaming platform, their source of information about the game on social media, and even their thoughts and feedback on Unicorn Overlord as a game. While the results of the survey remain undisclosed at present, rest assured, we'll keep you informed of any developments.

Unicorn Overlord Customer Survey for Asian region

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