Tekken 8 Future Plans Revealed Without Trolling This Time


Following the release of Tekken 8, developers provided players with an overview of the game's future during the TEKKEN Talk Live POST-RELEASE ROADMAP livestream presentation. Read on to know more of what's in store for the game.

Tekken 8 Developers Unveil Post-Release Roadmap in TEKKEN Talk Live Presentation

Tekken Project Chief Director Katsuhiro Harada, Game Director Kohei Ikeda (Nakatsu), Producer Michael Murray, and Marketing Producer Yasuda presented a post-release roadmap in a livestream on February 20. Here's what players can anticipate in the upcoming months:

Eddy Confirmed for Spring 2024 Release


Eddy, the first Season One DLC character, is set to make his debut sometime in the spring. The exact release date of Eddy will be announced as soon as it is confirmed. He will have enhanced mobility, new animations, and a moveset designed to be more accessible for new players starting their Tekken journey. Additionally, more DLC characters will be announced over time.

More Season One Updates Incoming


Tekken 8's second update is scheduled for release between February and March, with detailed patch notes to be provided the day before its rollout. In April, the developers plan to implement changes and tweaks to various characters based on player feedback.


Additionally, they will continue to address any bugs affecting online matches and introduce new features. As confirmed by Ikeda, among the changes include Alisa's Brute Force Attack follow-up, Victor's throw escape window, and chain throws becoming unbreakable during a PUNISH.

Tekken World Tour Begins in April


The Tekken World Tour, a global tournament for competitive players, kicks off on April 13. This event will feature leaderboards and offline competitions, offering players the chance to showcase their skills on a global stage. Events of all tiers worldwide can qualify for global leaderboard points.

Tekken Shop Introduced


A new addition to Tekken 8 is the Tekken Shop, where players can purchase cosmetics and customization items, including character-themed avatar skins. The shop will add new items once or twice a month.

While certain items may require payment using your hard-earned money, Tekken-themed gear from the UNIQLO collaboration will be available for free. Players can also purchase emotes for their avatars using Tekken Coins, which can be earned in-game.


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