Suicide Squad Adds The Joker and Still Manages to Disappoint Fans


The Joker is coming to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League this month as its newest playable character. Read on to learn more about his weapons and loadout, as well as what characters may be next for Rocksteady’s third-person shooter.

Elseworlds Joker is Coming to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Make way for the clown prince of crime! Rocksteady is finally rolling out its first wave of post-launch content for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (Suicide Squad) on March 28th with an alternate universe version of The Joker serving as its poster boy and newest playable character.

This is following Rocksteady’s post-launch plans for Suicide Squad, which was revealed in January with their "Introducing Elseworlds" video on their official YouTube channel. The video also promised additional Elseworld characters for each of the first four seasons Rocksteady confirmed it would be committing to, with Elseworlds Joker being the first.


Although he won’t be playable for a couple more weeks, Elseworld Joker’s already raising a few eyebrows with his uncharacteristic weaponry and traversal mechanic—both a far cry from the Arkhamverse Joker we’ve come to love. Instead of his usual knives, gizmos, and handguns, Elseworlds Joker wields a stylized flail and a rocket umbrella for easy aerial and rooftop traversal.

Elseworlds Joker will be free to play for all players once he is available on March 28th. Additional content that will be launching alongside him includes new playable environments, two new episodes featuring new missions, activities, and strongholds, new boss fights, new Riddler content, and villain-themed cosmetics and gear. This content will be available on all platforms.

Epic Games Store Version of Suicide Squad Delayed Again


In related news, the Epic Games Store version of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has been delayed yet again, with its new release date set for March 26th. This will be the second time the game has been delayed for the platform after Warner Bros. announced a revised release date set for the 5th of March back in December of last year. Both dates are a ways off from the game’s original release date of February 2nd, but it's far from being the game's only problem on release.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League had severe server issues on launch, causing an uproar among those who paid a premium to have the game available earlier. The game was also met with mixed reactions after launch due to the game's questionable narrative choices.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League's first season adds The Joker this month
Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League delayed again, but only on Epic Games Store


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