Street Fighter 6 and Spy×Family Collab Shows Yor and Chun-Li Fighting


Capcom announced a collaboration between Street Fighter 6 and the widely popular anime series, Spy×Family. The collaboration is part of a promotional campaign for the upcoming Spy×Family movie, titled Spy×Family Code: White. Read on to know more.

SF6 Meets Spy×Family

Collab Items Dropping on Jan. 9, 2024

Capcom produced a special animation short featuring a thrilling showdown between Yor, a character from Spy×Family, and the iconic Street Fighter queen Chun-Li. The short portrays Yor and Chun-Li initially facing off but eventually deciding to team up, suggesting possible in-game collaborations 👀.

The short video confirmed that the Spy×Family collaboration items will be released on January 9, 2024. Specific details regarding these items are yet to be revealed. But, going off of other anime×game crossovers, we suspect that the collaboration is bringing Spy×Family-themed skins, costumes, and other cosmetic additions to Street Fighter 6.

The SPY×FAMILY TV anime series, along with the upcoming film, is a joint production of WIT Studio and CloverWorks. Spy×Family Code: White movie is scheduled to premiere in Japan on December 22, with an international release anticipated in 2024.

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