Skyrim Sparks Backlash as Bethesda Game Studio Creations Update Breaks Fan Favorite Mods


Skyrim's latest update, the Bethesda Game Studios Creations system, has triggered discontent among players. Read on to know more about the update and fans’ reactions.

Bethesda Updates Skyrim with A System That Disappointed Players

Skyrim Update Broke "SKSE64" Mod


Bethesda's new system, Bethesda Game Studios Creations, combines existing mods, Creation Club items, and new Creations into a unified menu in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. Bethesda emphasized that the update is an overhaul of the modding storefront rather than a complete replacement of the previous system.

However, the update reportedly broke existing mods and introduced a new paid creations model, sparking backlash within its player community. Among the broken mods was the popular SKSE64 mod, which serves as a "critical script extension tool that enables various other mods." Bethesda has acknowledged the issue and is reportedly working on addressing it.

Update Received Negatively by Players


Skyrim’s player community expressed considerable dissatisfaction with the update, viewing it as a move reminiscent of Bethesda's 2015 attempt to introduce paid mods. Some fans perceived this as a departure from the community-driven modding experience that has been a hallmark of Skyrim, and instead, as a blatant money grab.


The introduction of paid mods dates back to 2015 when Steam allowed modders to charge for their creations, a move that was also met with significant backlash. Bethesda was involved in this initiative, which was later reversed due to player discontent. However, paid mods persisted through the Creation Club for Skyrim, and the latest update reignited concerns about a potential shift toward the 2015 system.

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