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Rise of the Ronin Update Brings Ninja Gaiden and Nioh into Game


Team Ninja announced a new update for their open-world RPG Rise of the Ronin coming this week. Read on to learn more about the update and the game!

Rise Of The Ronin Patch Update Coming Soon

New Content, Gameplay Improvements, and Changes to Romance Mechanics


Team Ninja game producer and director Fumihiko Yasuda has announced their plans to add new missions and features to their game Rise of the Ronin, with the patch releasing later this week.

Rise of the Ronin was released last March as a PS5-exclusive, and it is an open-world action RPG set in 19th-century Yokohama, Japan, during the tumultuous Bakumatsu Period.

New content includes:
 ⚫︎ 5 new Ally Missions
 ⚫︎ Option to have Public Order deteriorate again when replaying a world in Midnight difficulty
 ⚫︎ Level sync selection feature added to missions from Testament of the Soul
 ⚫︎ Two new Set Bonuses added to Midnight, new dojo training partners,
 ⚫︎ Add Martial Skill type bonus plus a raised limit of target score


Gameplay improvements will also be added, such as easier selection of asynchronous characters, and additional number of styles increased to six when equipped with the same weapon type on weapons one and two.

Those who are more into the romance aspect of the game may find improvements in that department too; the patch will change specifications for special equipment that will be given even if the player does not confess, and change the specifications so that greetings with characters who have been broken up with will return to normal over time.

A Nod To Ninja Gaiden And Nioh


Director Yasuda also shared some behind-the-scenes development stories after many fans have pointed out its similarities and inspirations from Team Ninja’s earlier games like Ninja Gaiden and Nioh. He disclosed that from very early on in Rise of the Ronin’s development stage, these similar elements were already planned for.

For Ninja Gaiden, main character Ryu Hayabusa’s armor makes an appearance in Rise of the Ronin. Historically, ninjas existed during the Bakumatsu Period, exactly the setting of the game and making Hayabusa’s armor fit right in. The distinctive armor was recreated in high-resolution for the PS5, with Edo period weapons and materials in mind. Hayabusa’s techniques and iconic moves in Ninja Gaiden also are incorporated into the ronin’s own skills.

The nod to the Nioh series turns out to be quite the spoiler. Nioh’s main character, William, appears as a secret boss as a pleasant easter egg for Nioh fans. His appearance in the game also fits right into the time period, and he is shown wearing armor featured in his game, called the Obsidian armor.

These callbacks to previous Team Ninja titles do not influence the story, thus Rise of the Ronin players will still be able to enjoy the game without being confused on missing lore or whatnot.

Team Ninja Playstation Blog

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