Riot's 2XKO, Previously 'Project L', Announces 2025 Release and More Updates


Riot announces the official name for the fighting game spinoff: 2XKO and previews more updates coming for the game. Read on to learn more about their updates, the upcoming events with demos, and their public playtest signups.

Project L Becomes 2XKO

Riot Working on More Character and Gameplay Updates

Tom Cannon, 2XKO’s Executive Producer, updates fans on their progress for the past year and what they’ll be doing moving forward this year in their post on Twitter (X). First off, they officially changed the game’s name to 2XKO and announced that they are moving into a new development phase going into 2024.

Second, they have more people in the dev team since their last update, and are still a ways to go before they announce a hard release date. Cannon also says that "they’re far enough along that it’s time to start sharing more with you over the coming year." Safe to say that there will be more updates from Riot regarding 2XKO’s other characters, gameplay updates, and more this year.

Finally, it’s no secret that Riot has been going to different communities and fighting game events like EVO to receive player feedback on their demos. Cannon announces that they will be doing this more often this year, saying:

"In 2024, we want to take that community focus to the next level and give you all more opportunities to play the game and give us feedback."


He announces that there will be more playable demos around the world and reminds us that they will be in EVO Japan in April for players to test the game out. Furthermore, they will be sharing more of their development updates and plans online so that people who can’t make it in person to the events can see what they’re up to. Cannon further reinforces their approach by saying:

"You’re going to see a lot more of us this year, and we think that this community-first approach is the most effective way to make 2XKO the best game it could be at launch and beyond."


He reiterates that 2023 was their team in "heads-down mode" with the valuable feedback that they gained from EVO, and that 2024 will be getting everyone more involved with events, dev updates, and maybe even a public playtest later this year.

2XKO Gameplay and What to Expect

2XKO’s gameplay is similar to Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, being a 2v2 tag-based fighter thathas champions from Riot’s popular and successful MOBA: League of Legends. Seven champions have been confirmed on the game’s roster so far, namely:

 ●  Ahri
 ●  Darius
 ●  Ekko
 ●  Illaoi
 ●  Jinx
 ●  Katarina
 ●  Yasuo

2XKO Playtest Sign Ups Open Now!

With more of them surely along the way, the game will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC as a free-to-play title and is slated for release in 2025.
You can sign up for the public 2XKO playtest here.

GameSpot - League Of Legends Fighting Spin-Off Project L Now Called 2XKO, Launches In 2025


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