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Pokémon Poké Ball Projector Nightlights Will Help You Pokémon Sleep


Pokémon trainers and fans are in for a delightful surprise with the upcoming release of a series of Poké Ball projector nightlights at Pokémon's specialty shopping store, Pokémon Center, in Japan.

Pokémon Reveals Poké Ball Projector Nightlights for Sale in Pokémon Center Japan

Collection Comes in 7 Designs and Doubles as Nightlights

Pokémon announced the upcoming sale of its Poké Ball projector nightlights collection. The collection consists of seven film designs, each featuring its own unique motif and set of Pokémon.

The first in the series, dubbed ジラーチの流れ星 (Jirachi's Shooting Star), features cuddly Pokémon such as Cleffa, Clefairy, and the celestial-shaped Jirachi itself. Meanwhile, 天空のレックウザ (Rayquaza of the Sky), shows the majestic serpentine Pokémon, Rayquaza, amid a backdrop of swirling galaxies and the cosmos.


For those who prefer a lively scene, みんなでおいわい (Celebrations with Everyone) offers an array of Pokemon including Pikachu, Eevee, and Piplup in a festive mood - cake, confetti, and all. The fourth design (テラスタルポケモン) features "Terastal Pokémon," like Sprigatito, in their gem-like appearances.

In an adorable design called おやすみウールー (Good night, Wooloo), familiar faces like Snorlax, Pikachu, Eevee, and Slowpoke cozy up for a nap while four Wooloos frolic overhead. Meanwhile, イーブイたちのお花畑 (Eevee Friends' Garden) shows Eevee and its evolutions, from Sylveon to Leafeon, in a colorful flower garden. Rounding up the collection are ghost Pokémon, with Gengar leading the charge, in ゴーストたちの行進 (March of the Ghosts).

These Poké Ball projectors also double as nightlights, offering four lighting modes to suit any preference: White Light, Warm Light, Cool Light, and Mixed Light. Starting April 27, 2024, these Poké Ball-shaped light projectors will be available for 8,910 yen (approximately $58) at Pokémon Center Japan.

Pokémon: 「モンスターボール型 ルームプロジェクターライト」が、ポケモンセンターに登場!

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