Nintendo Tells Fans to “Touch Grass”


Nintendo of America recently told their fans to "Go out and touch grass." Read here to learn our theories and thoughts on what this post might be implying.

Nintendo Tells Fans To "Touch Grass"

Marketing Ploy or Playful Jab at Nintendo Fans?

Nintendo of America recently took to Twitter(X) to share a playful post with the caption, "Go out and touch grass in #PokemonScarletViolet… no really, touch it!" accompanied by a 20-second clip showcasing Pokemon such as Oddish, Sawsbuck, Alolan Exeggutor, and Trevenant frolicking through the lush grassy fields of BB Academy.

The video in question resembled popular meme templates with its white background and text above. The text echoed the caption's sentiment, inviting players to "Touch Grass" by utilizing the Synchro Machine at the BB Academy. This feature, part of the Indigo Disk DLC, allows players to synchronize with their Pokemon and explore the area from their perspective.

Nintendo's post sparked a flurry of playful responses from fans, many of whom teased the eagerly anticipated Nintendo Switch 2 rumors and the next Nintendo Direct. One user, @ExpandDong15, humorously quipped, "Nintendo got tired of y'all asking about the next console," while another remarked, "Nintendo is out here calling everyone out who keep asking about a Nintendo Direct lol."

Some fans speculated it could be a marketing experiment by Nintendo's marketing team to gauge how memes can connect with and reach wider audiences. Others view it as a playful jab at the obsessive Nintendo fans who constantly speculate about the next Nintendo Switch or the eagerly awaited Nintendo Direct announcements.

Regardless, the post generated significant engagement due to its humorous undertones, which diverged from the usual content shared on Nintendo of America's Twitter account. Some fans even speculated whether the post was intended for the official Pokémon account, given its resemblance to content typically found there.

The Meaning Behind "Touch Grass"


Beyond the initial motive for the post, it's the underlying connotation that's driving engagement, with fans responding humorously such as user @tennozu_ with a video of them touching grass and the caption "Ok, but now you have to announce the Direct." What does "Touch Grass" actually mean? And how does it connect to Nintendo fans? defines the term "touch grass" (pronounced tuhch-gras), as "to go outside; enjoy nature." This phrase is commonly used as an "exhortation to spend less time on electronic devices." For instance, an example provided by the website is: "Enough doomscrolling already—touch grass!" Additionally, the phrase signifies encouraging someone to engage with reality or real life.

While there isn't a concrete explanation for why the concept of "touching grass" resonates with Nintendo fans, responses to the post hint at a possible connection. It's speculated that Nintendo fans on Twitter(X) incessantly bombard Nintendo of America's account with inquiries about Nintendo Switch 2 rumors and the next Nintendo Direct.

This dunking by Nintendo suggested that some fans spend an excessive amount of time indoors, lacking exposure to sunlight and outdoor activities. Thus, the notion of "touching grass" serves as a playful suggestion from Nintendo to encourage fans to step outside and engage with the real world.


The timing of this post, just ahead of Valentine's Day, could add another layer of significance. Perhaps Nintendo is suggesting that instead of obsessing over gaming rumors, fans should spend time outdoors and connect with loved ones.

However, regardless of the intention behind the post, the phrase "touch grass" has often been employed with negative undertones, particularly within the gaming community, as noted by

"Touching grass" might prove to be a challenge for Nintendo fans, especially with the highly anticipated release of Mario vs. Donkey Kong just around the corner. For more details on the release date and time, check out the article below!


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