Microsoft Flight Simulator and Dune Come Together in Pleasantly Surprising Arrakis-Themed Expansion Crossover


Xbox announced its collaboration with Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. Entertainment on a searing Dune-themed expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Read on to learn more about the expansion and other details on the collaboration.

Xbox Introduces World’s First Floating Xbox Controller with Dune Collaboration

Sweepstakes Event from February 13, 2024 to March 25, 2024

In commemoration of the highly anticipated release of the movie sequel, "Dune: Part Two,", Xbox announced a collaboration with the movie studios on a free Dune-themed expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The Dune expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator lets players explore the skies of Arrakis, a fictional desert featured in the movie, aboard the Royal Atreides Ornithopter, the legendary aircraft from the 2021 movie "Dune: Part One".


Renowned for its "lightning acceleration, blazing speeds, and precision maneuverability," Xbox hyped up players for the formidable challenge ahead of controlling the Royal Atreides Ornithopter as they navigate the harsh environments of Dune.

Starting today, players can go through three tutorials covering take-off, landing, and freefall techniques, followed by six activities ranging from time trials to daring rescue missions amidst massive sandstorms. The expansion is available for download in the Microsoft Flight Simulator In-Sim Marketplace.

ImageImage via Xbox

Along with the game expansion, Xbox announced a sweepstakes running from February 13, 2024, to March 25, 2024. Up for grabs are:

 ● bespoke console holder inspired by the world of Arrakis
 ● custom Dune-themed Xbox Series S
 ● "the world’s first floating Xbox Controller" inspired by the Ornithopter

Players have the opportunity to win by following the official Xbox Twitter (X) account and retweeting the sweepstakes tweet during the entry period.

Xbox and Microsoft Flight Simulator Unveil Dune Expansion and Floating Controller
Flight Simulator leaves Earth for the first time with free Dune expansion


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