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Koei Tecmo Assets Illegally Used in Singaporean Game Adverts


Koei Tecmo has announced it has filed a lawsuit against Youzo, a Singapore-based game developer subsidiary.

Koei Tecmo Files Lawsuit Against Youzo (Singapore) PTE, Ltd

Seeks Injunction and Compensation for Copyright Infringement


On April 8, 2024, Koei Tecmo filed a lawsuit in the Tokyo District Court against Youzo (Singapore) PTE, Ltd for copyright infringement. Koei Tecmo seeks an injunction against copyright infringement and other acts, as well as compensation for damages.

According to the lawsuit, Youzo, a subsidiary of Chinese company YOOZOO PTE, Ltd, has allegedly used music, game assets, and trademarks from Koei Tecmo's game series, Nobunaga’s Ambition and Taiko Risshiden, in its web and mobile game advertisements without authorization from Koei Tecmo.

The infringements, as determined by the company, were made in Youzo's titles such as Infinity Kingdom, Dynasty Origins series, and 成り上がり~華と武の戦国.


Koei Tecmo claimed they have sent multiple warning warnings to Youzo in the past, but its violations persisted without corrective measures. Furthermore, the lawsuit noted that Youzo openly used Koei Tecmo's company name without permission, misleading users into believing that Koei Tecmo is affiliated with Youzu productions.

"The Group will continue to take strict measures against infringements of intellectual property rights, including copyrights, both in Japan and overseas," read Koei Tecmo's statement.

However, enforcing a money judgment set by Japanese courts in Singapore may require commencing a separate legal action under Singapore's Reciprocal Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Acts, as Singapore does not have current existing enforcement agreements with Japan.

Koei Tecmo sues Chinese company for repeated copyright infringement
Koei Tecmo lawsuit filing announcement
Singapore's Reciprocal Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Acts
Reciprocal Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Acts Digest

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