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D&D's Vecna Arrives in Dead By Daylight for Latest Collab


Dead by Daylight recently showcased new chapters for the game during its 8th-year anniversary stream. Read on to learn more about their collaboration with Dungeons and Dragons, the new game mode, and spin-off games set to be released.

Dead by Daylight Anniversary Announcement

DBD Meets D&D

Dead by Daylight (DBD), the multiplayer survival horror game, recently announced during its anniversary stream that the game’s new chapter will be Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) inspired, with Vecna taking the spotlight as the killer.

This unique event introduces two new characters, Aestri, a noble elusive bard with their companion Baermar. Players will face the formidable Vecna, a powerful arch-lich with devastating abilities. The event features new special treasure chests scattered across the game that roll a D20 once opened and will contain magical items providing players with advantages against Vecna’s spells. This collaboration blends the dark, horror-filled world of DBD with the fantasy adventure of D&D.

New Game Mode


DBD is also set to shake up the traditional gameplay by introducing a new temporary 2v8 party game mode. Slated for release by the end of summer, this innovative mode will see two Killers teaming up against eight Survivors, diverging from the usual 1v4 format.

Key Features of the 2v8 Mode

 ⚫︎ Two Killers vs. Eight Survivors: This mode doubles the intensity by pairing two Killers against a larger group of eight Survivors. This fundamental change in dynamics is designed to offer a fresh, exciting experience that emphasizes fun and collaboration over competitive play.

 ⚫︎ No Hooks, Only Cages: Unlike the traditional mode, where Killers hang Survivors on hooks, the 2v8 mode will feature cages for downed Survivors. This adjustment is likely to streamline gameplay and add a new strategic element to matches.

 ⚫︎ Removal of Perks: The mode will not include the usual perks to encourage teamwork and class-based strategies. Instead, players will select from specific classes tailored to foster cooperative play among Survivors and coordinated efforts between Killers.

 ⚫︎ Killer Team Powers: Killers will have team powers designed to promote synergy between the two, adding another layer of tactical depth. However, only five Killers will be available for this mode initially: Trapper, Wraith, Hillbilly, Huntress, and Nurse. The maps will also be themed around these Killers, ensuring a cohesive and immersive experience.

Cross-Progression Update

Alongside the new game mode, DBD will also roll out a much-anticipated cross-progression feature later this summer. This update will enable players to carry over their progress across different platforms, providing a seamless gaming experience regardless of where they choose to play.

Castlevania Chapter To Be Announced On August 6th

In addition to D&D, DBD will also introduce a Castlevania chapter. This chapter is expected to feature well-known characters and settings from the beloved gothic horror series by Konami. Although specific details about the characters and gameplay mechanics are yet to be revealed, fans can anticipate the eerie and gothic aesthetic that Castlevania is known for to be faithfully recreated in the Dead by Daylight universe​.

Upcoming DBD Spin-Off Games

Beyond Dead by Daylight, Behaviour Interactive is also expanding its universe with several spin-offs. One such game, The Casting of Frank Stone, developed by Supermassive Games, was showcased with a new gameplay trailer. This narrative horror game, set in 1980, follows a group of friends uncovering the secrets of a serial killer. It's slated for release in 2024 and promises to deliver a rich, choice-driven story over five to seven hours.

Another spin-off, Project T by Midwinter Entertainment, will be a third-person, session-based PvE game where players battle against the Thrall in the Entity's realm using a mix of weapons, vehicles, and talismans. Although still in early development, a Project T Insider Programme will launch soon for fan input and closed playtests on PC.

Lastly, What The Fog, a new co-op roguelite game, is giving away 2 million copies to players who sign up or create a Behavior Account; it is also available to be wishlisted on Steam, Epic, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. This game features 3D gameplay with a charming chibi art style, where survivors Claudette and Dwight must navigate a cursed board game filled with monsters. If a player dies, they switch to a support role to assist their partner until revival. What The Fog features a 2-person co-op mode where players navigate a cursed board game filled with magic powers, non-stop action, and swarms of monsters. Players collect Bloodpoints, repair Generators, and unlock exit doors while battling through the chaotic, monster-infested game world.

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