Avatar: The Last Airbender Fighting Game Coming in 2025


The beloved Nickelodeon cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender will be receiving a competitive fighting game based on its universe! Read on to learn more about the announcement, and the company behind the project.

Avatar: The Last Airbending Fighting Game Announced

Set to Release in Early Access By Next Year in 2025

It has just been revealed that an Avatar: The Last Airbender "competitive multiplayer fighting game" is currently in the works by Maximum Entertainment yesterday during their company 2024 roadmap presentation.

After going through a series of different new titles, CEO Christina Seelye announced the news last, stating, "We are thrilled to announce that we have entered into a partnership with Paramount Consumer Products to develop a competitive multiplayer fighting game set in Avatar: The Last Airbender Universe."

The upcoming fighting game is stated to be released in Early Access next year in 2025. No other information about the title, such as what studio will be developing it, its target platforms, or its genre of fighting game has been mentioned. However, we infer some guesses on what kind of potential fighting game it can be based on Maximum Entertainment’s history of games and its subsidiaries.

Maximum Entertainment History and Subsidiaries

From Modus to Maximum

Maximum Entertainment is the result of a recent rebrand of Maximum Games, combining all of its publishing and game development subsidiaries into one umbrella. The upcoming Avatar fighting game could very well be developed by any of its subsidiaries, or from a previous partnered studio. They will have a long list of potential studios to choose from, because in Maximum’s long history of over a decade, they have worked with various developers to release and publish games. In fact, the inception of its publishing division, Modus Games, was launched from their partnership with Iron Galaxy.

A Killer Instinct-like Avatar Fighting Game?


Iron Galaxy is an important name, as they were the studio that developed the cult-classic fighting game Killer Instinct(KI) following its release. Though the two companies have yet to work again since their first project, the door could always be opened for a potential Avatar fighting game developed by the developers of KI. Such information will surely shock and excite fans for the future of the title, as KI has been a fan favorite among fighting game fans for over a decade. It’s still highly regarded due to its gameplay mechanics, visuals, soundtrack, and netplay all still holding up to this day.

Them’s Fightin’ Herds Avatar Fighting Game?


Looking into those currently under the Maximum Entertainment umbrella, a noteworthy game development company under Maximum is Mane6, the studio behind the 2D fighting game Them’s Fightin’ Herds. Them’s Fightin’ Herds was an underrated sleeper hit, where fans praised its fleshed-out fighting game mechanics, energetic hand-drawn 2D visuals, and the starring of various ponies as characters.

Mane6 would have very well been the best candidate to take the job, however, it was discovered through a now-former employee on Twitter(X) that last December 2023, all staff members at the studio were laid off except for three people. Mane6 was slated to complete Them’s Fightin’ Herds’ season pass when they were fired weeks before the holiday season, leaving content unfinished.


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