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Winter Burrow Gameplay and Story Info | Everything We Know So Far


Winter Burrow is a cozy woodland survival game where your goal is to restore your childhood burrow and find your missing aunt. Read on to know more about its gameplay, plot, and everything we know so far.

Winter Burrow News

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Everything We Know About Winter Burrow

Winter Burrow Story Plot


In Winter Burrow, you play a tiny mouse who comes home from the city, hoping to retire there and live again in the comfort of the country woodlands. Instead, you find that your childhood home is now in ruins, and its caretaker-slash-neighbor, your aunt, has also gone missing. In this cozy woodland tale, you hope to achieve two things; restore your childhood tree stump home back to its former glory, and locate your aunt’s whereabouts.

Winter Burrow Gameplay

As a survival game, players will explore, gather resources from across the woodland, craft the necessary tools, knit warm clothing to protect your pocket-sized mouse character from the harsh winter, bake scrumptious pies, and meet the locals of the little woodland hamlet you now call home. Expand your survival knowledge by venturing out into the frozen wilderness to collect what you need, and also combat the hostile insects that stand in your way.

Even if it’s a survival game, you can play at your own pace! It features cozy and approachable mechanics, letting you choose a path that fits your play style. After all, this is your story.

Winter Burrow Trailer

Announcement Trailer

The trailer introduces our young protagonist, returning home to their childhood home all abandoned and destroyed. The caretaker of the home, their aunt, is also missing. The protagonist’s daily life is then shown, along with the protagonist reinforcing their resolve to restore the beauty of their home and to find meaning in it once again. “I must keep believing that every winter leads to spring.” They find their aunt in the end, only for her to be taken away by a predatory owl.

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Winter Burrow Product Information

Winter Burrow Cover
Release Date Early 2025
Developer Pine Creek Games
Publisher Noodlecake
Supported Platforms PC (Steam, Xbox Game Pass), Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One
Genre Adventure, Simulation, Casual, Indie
Number of Players 1
ESRB Rating E
Official Website Winter Burrow Website


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