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In Another Crab’s Treasure, you play as a little hermit crab as you fight monstrous deep sea creatures! Read on to learn how it plays, what it’s about, and everything else we know so far.

Everything We Know About Another Crab's Treasure

Another Crab's Treasure Story Plot


Beneath the sea's shimmering surface, an ominous curse has gripped the underwater realm, transforming its once-hospitable inhabitants to become hostile. To make things worse, rampant pollution is choking life from the ocean depths, making survival an ever-dwindling prospect.

Enter Kril, a plucky young hermit crab whose peaceful existence is shattered when his cherished shell is snatched away by a mischievous adversary. The thief sets a tantalizing challenge: retrieve a legendary treasure and the shell shall be returned.

Shell-less and undeterred, Kril embarks on a daring journey, ingeniously fashioning makeshift shells from the debris and detritus littering the ocean floor. With determination as his compass, he plunges into the depths, each discarded item serving as a stepping stone on his quest to recover his shell.

Another Crab's Treasure Gameplay

Another Crab’s Treasure is a Soulslike action game that doubles as a 3D platformer. As Krill, you'll fashion trash into makeshift protective shells against the onslaught of sea creatures. Retreat into your makeshift armor to fend off attacks and counter with swift retaliation. But the trash isn't just defense—it's a versatile resource for everything from cosmetics to formidable gear and weapons.

In terms of combat, Kril will learn a variety of moves called the Umami Techniques that he’ll throughout his journey—powerful attacks like the might of a Mantis Shrimp, or a horrifying Bobbit Worm just to name a few.

In terms of combat, Kril will master a range of skills known as “Umami Techniques” throughout his journey—devastating techniques like the force of a Mantis Shrimp or the ferocity of a Bobbit Worm, to name just a few.

You’ll embark on an epic journey across the boundless expanse of the sea, navigating through locales such as the mysterious kelp forests, coral reefs, majestic sand castle cities, and the eerie depths of unfathomable trenches. This game immerses players in a challenging, soul-like adventure in the deep blue seas. Thankfully, the game has assistive options to aid newcomers to the genre.

Another Crab's Treasure Trailers

Official Release Date - Nintendo Partner Direct February 2024 Trailer

The official release date trailer reveals more about the plot of the game where the ocean has been cursed and polluted with tons of various trash. As the trailer concludes on an ominous note, it hints at the emergence of a sinister faction known as the treasure hunters, mysterious sea creatures poised to become formidable adversaries within the game's narrative.

Announcement Trailer

The announcement trailers offer a shellshocking glimpse into the gameplay and diverse locales of this soulslikeshellslike adventure. Witness the art of parrying and defense, where Kril ingeniously employs its shell to protect itself from incoming attacks. Traverse intricate platforms, scaling nets with nimble prowess and employing what seems to be a grappling hook to reach distant terrain. Amidst dark landscapes, Kril used his makeshift shell to illuminate the way forward. By the end, the trailer's climax unveils a formidable foe: a monstrous, utensil-clad crab showing off its colossal presence signaling daunting challenges ahead.

Another Crab's Treasure Product Information

Another Crab
Release Date April 25, 2024
Developer Aggro Crab
Publisher Aggro Crab
Supported Platforms PC(Steam), PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch
Genre Souls-like, 3D Platformer
Number of Players 1
Rating ESRB T
Official Website Another Crab's Treasure Official Website


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