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Unicorn Overlord Gameplay and Story Info | Everything We Know So Far


Unicorn Overlord is a tactical fantasy RPG brought to you by ATLUS and Vanillaware. Here is the gameplay, story information, and everything we know so far.

Unicorn Overlord News

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Everything We Know About Unicorn Overlord

Unicorn Overlord Story Plot


Embark on an adventure to fight against fate and free your kingdom. Traverse the world and build up your army from over 60 unique characters, including elite fighters, massive beasts, and heavenly angels. Form allegiances, run campaigns, and fight the good fight as the fallen prince of legend.

Unicorn Overlord Gameplay


The game features a turn-based RPG combat system that allows you to place individual units into formation and form ranks. Explore an expansive overworld to discover new lands, collect enhancement resources, and forge bonds with your allies in this war of liberation.


In the November 30 issue of Famitsu, more information was provided specifically on quests, town reconstruction, and the mining minigame.

Unicorn Overlord's main appeal is the free exploration. You will be able to go to numerous places from the beginning of the game, save for some exceptions, and where and how to proceed will be entirely up to you. There will be many sub-quests and various training elements spread throughout the map. Some quests are also unique like catching chickens on the field.

There are four different types of quests: Main Quests, Sub Quests, Field Quests, and Liberation Quests.

 ● Main Quests advance the story when completed.
 ● Sub Quests trigger by talking to NPCs
 ● Liberation Quests are towns you have to liberate by defeating the enemies.
 ● Field Quests trigger on the field, with a conversation event happening to indicate it.

When accepted, these are added on to a list similar to a journal with the description, location, and recommended level of these quests.

Town Liberation and Reconstruction


After defeating all of the enemies, the town will be liberated. As a result, Armor Shops and Tool Shops become available for use.

Since the town was in control, it was left in ruin. You must help contribute to the town's reconstruction to restore it back to how it was. The materials required for the reconstruction can be collected in the field, and doing so will unlock new facitilities like Inns, and more.

Allies and Mercenaries can be stationed as a garrison in the reconstructed town, and they will provide you bounties and will automatically harvest items over time.


The Fortress lets you strengthen your units and have mock battles between allies. Each fortress can have up to 5 units and each unit can have up to 10 allies, making a total of 50.

The fortress' functions are increased with Medals of Honor, obtained by clearing quests and delivering materials. You can also spend Reputation Points to use the different functions of the fort, which are obtained through your reconstruction efforts. Additionally, Mercenaries can customize their colors.

Mining Field

It is a mini-game where players mine ore. There's also a chance to find different treasure maps which point to treasures to search for while in the field.

Ally Characters


In the December 14, 2023 Gematsu article, more information was shared on the ally characters, social activities, and the rapport system of the upcoming game.

Four new characters were introduced as well as their backgrounds and key art for them. These characters are the following:
 ●  Gilbert - The crown prince of Drakenhold. He was forced to step into his father's role due to his death fighting the Zenoiran army, he is secretly gathering an army to restore his kingdom.
 ●  Virginia - A survivor of the Cornian royal family who fled to Drakenhold when Cornia fell. She is the niece of Queen Ilenia and older cousin of Alain.
 ●  Berengaria - Former leader of the Tricorn merceneries where she was widely feared as a deadly warrior. Her band of mercenaries quickly grew into a powerful force, but she abruptly disbanded the group and mysteriously disappeared.
 ●  Aramis - A mercenary from Drakenhold hired by the Zenoira army. His skill with the sword is undeniable and he has unexpected elegance than meets the eye.

Rapport System

The game will have a relationship system called the Rapport system. This is the degree of affinity between characters that is developed through combat or other social activities. You can unlock special Rapport conversations with certain pairings and increase their stats when teaming up units with a high Rapport level.

Rapport will build up by having characters fight in the same unit primarily, and forming these units with high levels of mutual Rapport nets you a Rapport bonus. This can lead to advantageous upgrades like increased stats, guaranteed criticals on some attacks, and more.


Other than combat, Rapport can be improved by sharing meals in Taverns inside the walled cities. Depending on the meal course, the number of participants during the feast and the amount of Rapport gained will vary.


Another way to build Rapport is by giving Gifts. Characters assigned to guard a town can be given gifts and will build Rapport with Alain. The amount gained by the gift is dependent on if the character likes of dislikes the gift.

Ring of Covenant

When you have a maxed out Rapport with Alain, you can choose to give them the Ring of the Covenant. This ring is the counterpart of the Ring of the Unicorn that Alain wears to declare and pledge fealty to each other forever. In other words, offering that specific companion's hand in marriage.

Unicorn Overlord Trailer

Advance Play of Vanillaware's New SRPG Unicorn Overlord

Japanese outlet Famitsu recently revealed 8 minutes of gameplay footage for ATLUS and Vanillaware's newest tactical RPG game on November 20, 2023. Curious players can peruse the trailer for an up-close-and-personal look at the game's mechanics, gameplay segments, and character presentations.

Unicorn Overlord Review

Unicorn Overlord First Impressions


This game shows the staples of fantasy RPGs, down to the min-maxing necessary to unleash each character's maximum potential. It boasts a complex storyline (another RPG staple) and enough equipment customization to keep even the most hardcore players entertained. With a robust cast of characters and an expansive overworld, it’s sure to intrigue and impress RPG lovers everywhere.

Unicorn Overlord - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Unicorn Overlord is a glorious tactical fantasy RPG that puts you and over 60 unique allies into a fight for your kingdom’s freedom. Lead them to victory through cunning tactics within the game’s innovative battle system.

The path before us is laid bare and all that remains now is to walk it.

Unicorn Overlord – Josef's Guide to Combat – Nintendo Switch

Josef's Guide to Combat trailer features the revered Holy Knight of the former Kingdom of Cornia, Josef, imparting tips and insights to Prince Alain on leading his troops into battle, strategically dismantling the empire, and emerging triumphant.

Unicorn Overlord Product Information

Release Date March 8, 2024
Developer ATLUS x Vanillaware
Publisher SEGA
Supported Platforms Nintendo Switch
Genre Strategy, Role-Playing
Number of Players 1
ESRB Rating Teen
Official Website Unicorn Overlord Website


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