Counter-Strike 2 Review | Everything We Know


Counter-Strike 2 is the next iteration of the iconic FPS series, Counter-Strike. Read on to find out our first impressions of the game.

Counter-Strike 2 Review

Counter-Strike 2 First Impressions


Counter-Strike 2(CS2) is the next giant leap for the franchise. Utilizing Valve’s new proprietary engine, Source 2, improvements on all aspects are expected.

Graphical upgrades and overhauls, modernized features, and better gunplay are but a few features already receiving drastic improvements over the previous title. The future shines bright for the classic FPS series, as it still maintains its popularity and player base well over 20 years since the first title’s release. The official release of CS2 might further raise its status and popularity, and will no doubt remain as the quintessential first-person shooter in the market.

Everything We Know About Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 Story Plot


The eternal conflict between Terrorists(Ts) and Counter-Terrotists(CTs) rages on as they take the battle to bigger heights. The Ts aim to plant the bomb on specific sites to cause maximum damage, while the CTs main objective is to prevent the bomb from going off. Ts win when they have eliminated the opposition or succeed in detonating the bomb. CTs win when they eliminate all enemies, defuse the bomb, or stall the timer down to 0.

Counter-Strike 2 Gameplay


Each team starts either as Ts or CTs and must win a majority of the 13 total rounds in a game. Each player buys guns, equipment, or utility each round with the overall economy in mind. Teams must coordinate buying gear and strategies to overcome the opposition. Use utility grenades to support each other’s survival, or suppress the enemies movements and information. But if all else fails, simply take aim at their heads, and click.

Counter-Strike 2 Trailers

Latest Trailer

The latest trailer contains big reveals such as the new CS Rating system, the newly overhauled Inferno map, and more!

Counter-Strike 2 Product Information

CS2 Banner
Release Date September 27, 2023
Developer Valve
Publisher Valve
Supported Platforms PC
Genre Tactical FPS, Competitive
Number of Players 10 (5 vs 5)
ESRB Rating M
Official Website Counter-Strike 2 Official Website
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