The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Release Date and Time | Everything We Know So Far


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, the video game based on the classic 1974 horror film, is about to come out. Read on to learn its release date, and how to get your hands on it.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Release Date and Time

Releases August 18, 2023, 10 a.m. EDT

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre video game came out on August 18, 2023, 10 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

Based on a tweet by the game developers, this means those living on the West Coast will get to play the game at 7 a.m. For those living in the United Kingdom, you’ll be able to play it at 3 p.m. Those living in the eastern part of Australia, meanwhile, will have to wait for the midnight of August the 19th to play the game.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre First Impressions


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre comes out at a time when we have already had a slew of multiplayer co-op horror games, such as Dead by Daylight and the Friday the 13th video game. But it still has something unique to bring to the table. In those past games, several victims had to work together against one murdering psychopath. Here in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre, you get to play in a whole team of either side.

This brings a completely new dynamic to the genre, solely because now the villains have teamwork on their side too. The individual abilities of the Family members (the killers in this game) also encourages teamplay, since those abilities complement one another. So as long as the three Family members can work together, then they should be able to get their victims without a sweat.


Of course, for the Victims, it's still going to be a terrifying scream-fest, especially if the Family members know how to use horror and terror to their advantage. I’m not too excited in this department since terror as a victim running away from a psychopath has already been done in other games before. But this game may yet surprise us.

Everything We Know About The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Story Plot


In the spring of 1973, a young college student named Maria Flores vanished without a trace around the quiet town of Newt. Her disappearance sent shockwaves throughout the community, leaving her younger sister, Ana Flores, and her group of friends desperate to unravel the mystery. Little did they know that their search for answers would lead them down a dark and twisted path. Instead of finding Maria, they stumbled upon an unimaginable horror - a series of gruesome murders and disappearances that would forever be etched in infamy as the Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Gameplay


The gameplay in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is similar to Gun Interactive’s previous co-op action horror title, Friday the 13th. Either play as one of the Slaughter Family’s hapless victims, or one of their deranged members.

The goal for the victims is to unlock the exits scattered throughout the Slaughter Family property and escape before falling victim to capture or death at the hands of their tormentors. On the other side, the family members must eliminate all of the victims while ensuring they provide blood to Grandpa, who aids them in locating any potential prey on the map.

Both family members and victims have access to traps that can hinder their opponents' progress. While all victims possess stealth abilities to evade their pursuers, select family members can wield stealth as well, giving them the ability to sneak up on unsuspecting victims. Moreover, one family member has exclusive power over locking doors within the Slaughter Family property, effectively trapping victims and preventing their escape.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Trailer

Unrated Gameplay Trailer

In this chilling trailer, we are introduced to the horrifying world of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. We witness the relentless terror unleashed by the sadistic Slaughter Family, composed of the wiry and deranged Hitchhiker, the cunning Cook, and the unhinged butcher known as Leatherface. We also get a glimpse into the harrowing attempts made by the Victims to escape their grim fate and the unyielding pursuit they face.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Pre-Order


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is already available for pre-order on Steam, the PlayStation Store, and the Xbox Store. Click on our links below to check it out.

Platform Price
Steam IconSteam $35.99 (10% off from $39.99)
PS IconPlayStation Store $39.99
Xbox IconXbox Store $39.99

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Product Information

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Cover
Release Date August 18, 2023
Developer Sumo Digital
Publisher Gun Interactive
Supported Platforms PS4/PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC
Genre Co-Op Action Horror
Number of Players Up to 7
ESRB Rating Mature 17+
Official Website Texas Chain Saw Massacre Website


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