NieR 3 Potentially Teased by Yoko Taro


NieR 3 was supposedly teased by Game Director Yoko Taro during the NieR: Orchestra Concert in London. Read on to find out more about this and the supposed sequel title.

Yoko Taro Supposedly Teases NieR 3

Nier 3 Might Be Called Repent


As recounted by attendees such as SanTheSly from Reset Era, their reports indicate that Yoko Taro made an appearance on stage towards the event's conclusion. He informed the audience that the Square Enix president, Takashi Kiryu, was among them and encouraged everyone to express their desire for an Automata sequel by delivering the "loudest applause of the night."

Supposedly, "the rooms immediately erupted into claps, cheers and yells."

Furthermore, attendees noted the frequent appearance of the word "REPENT" on the screen, which subtly transformed into "R3PENT." This hint might suggest the possibility of the sequel being titled NieR: Repent or NieR 3 Repent.

Fans who attended the tour in Germany and Spain also reported sightings of the "REPENT" text in other showcases, adding to the speculation surrounding the supposed sequel.


According to SanTheSly, the validity of Taro's statement remains "up for debate," sparking debates among fans. While many are thrilled by the prospect, some have dismissed these leaks as unrelated to NieR 3. For instance, @sophkat7 on X(Twitter) argues, "The word Repent is related to the plot of the Orchestra and in no way does it connect to a new title. If you actually knew how the Nier orchestra experiences work, you'd know this"

Another X(Twitter) user, @Irish_Paddys, pointed out that "Repent" is repeated three times in one sentence of the concert to illustrate "how 2B is suffering damage".

Regardless of the uncertainty, it's been six years since the last NieR sequel, Nier: Automata which launched in 2017. The last NieR game was released in 2021 with the remastered NieR: Replicant, originally launched in 2010.

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