Switch 2: Electric Switcheroo | What Could The Next Nintendo Console Be Called?


With rumors of the Switch 2 circulating among the gaming communities and its supposed release date up in the air, what will the new console even be called? Continue reading to indulge in our guesses and theories!

Predicting the Switch 2 Name

Some of our Best Guesses


The elusive new Nintendo console has been the talk of the gaming industry for a few years now as the Nintendo Switch’s hardware has fallen far behind the capabilities of modern consoles. With rumors of the Nintendo Switch 2 fast approaching its reveal and release, it’s been a constant mystery of what its name will be in the first place. The "Switch 2" has just been a placeholder for the next iteration of the console as the official name has yet to be announced (...or leaked).


If we look back at Nintendo’s previous console lineup, the second iteration of the base consoles has always had a different moniker to differentiate them from the original. The NES became the SNES, the Gameboy became the Gameboy Advanced; the DS became the 3DS, and the Wii became the Wii U.

With that, we at Game8 have pooled our suggestions down to a good list of candidates for the name of the Switch 2.

 ●  Nintendo Switch Two
 ●  Super Nintendo Switchz
 ●  Nintendo Switch Plus
 ●  NEW Nintendo Switch
 ●  Nintendo Switch Advanced
 ●  Nintendo Switch U2
 ●  Nintendo Switch X|S
 ●  Nintendo Sw2tch

Okay, when we said "best," we didn’t mean good. Let’s try to look at other places for some sources of inspiration and see what they’ve come up with.

Other Journalists Take a Crack at It

Ollie Reynold from NintendoLife published an article where he went through the same insane downward spiral process of looking through past Nintendo console names and coming up with puns. Eliminating the similarities from the Nintendo Switch 2 to the Nintendo Switch+, he’s come up with a few great ones:

 ●  Nintendo Switch Up
 ●  Nintendo Switchin’ Time
 ●  Nintendo Switch, Please

Okay, maybe it’s just really hard for any of us to come up with any actual good console names. Maybe we should just stop trying, and see how much worse we can get.


Giovanni Colantonio from Digital Trends did exactly that and came up with a hilarious list of the worst possible names for Nintendo’s new console.

 ●  Nintendo Series NX
 ●  Switch 2 Ultra 5G UW
 ●  Nintendo Switch N27S QD-OLED Mini Generation 2
 ●  Nintendo Switchy Four
 ●  The Nintendo

I won’t lie, I feel like the Nintendo Switch N27S QD-OLED Mini Generation 2 could really catch on and become a hit. Alright, to be serious, maybe we need to look at the fans and see if they have anything good.

It’s Up To The Nintendo Community Now


If there’s one thing I’m sure about, it’s that fan theories are either the most farfetched, convoluted ideas ever made or they’re right on the money. Taking a cursory look at what the fans are coming up with, I’m leaning towards the former, but what do you think?

Community members on Reddit came up with a few ideas, ranging from comedic to feasible. We’ve listed them below in descending order of sanity, with the most unhinged ideas loitering at the very bottom.

 ●  Super Nintendo Switch
 ●  Nintendo Switch Advance
 ●  New Nintendo Switch
 ●  Nintendo SWiitch U
 ●  The Swootch
 ●  PlayStation 7

Yikes! Some of those are actually quite decent, but the last few ideas are definitely emanating some cursed aura. Super Nintendo Switch seems to be the crowd favorite, with many users claiming that "The Super Nintendo Switch" rolls off the tongue well while leaning into the nostalgia of the SNES.


Fortunately, Redditors aren’t the only ones trying their hand at naming Nintendo’s up-and-comer. Users on X (Twitter) have been speculating on the Switch successor’s name for a while now, the most creative of which have been listed below:

 ●  Wii Phone
 ●  Switch 2: Switch Harder
 ●  The Switcharoo
 ●  Nintendo ReSwitch
 ●  Nintendo Switch-It-Up
 ●  Nintendo Switch Color

Their guess is as good as anyone’s for the time being, although Switch 2 seems to be the consensus among Twitter (X) users for its sheer marketability and succinctness. Many were quick to point out that the "Wii U Incident", as they put it, should discourage Nintendo from doing anything outlandish with the upcoming console’s name, though even that much is uncertain.

It seems everyone’s having a go at the Switch 2’s possible name. What do you think it is?

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