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Slitterhead Gameplay and Story Info | Everything We Know So Far


Slitterhead is an upcoming action horror game that centers on Hyoki and its quest to destroy all of the Slitterheads that have infiltrated human society. Read on to learn more about its story, gameplay, and trailers.

Everything We Know About Slitterhead

Slitterhead Story Plot


Amidst the chaos of Kowlong, the entity known only as "Hyoki'' finds itself lost and alone. Even without any memories, it is possessed with the determination to eliminate every last Slitterhead; monsters that have infiltrated human society to prey on them. He sneaks into the city with the intention of finding the Slitterheads who are disguising themselves as members of the human race.

Slitterhead Gameplay


In order to fight the various Slitterheads that are masquerading as humans in society, Hyoki employs unconventional fighting techniques. Its primary method of combat involves possessing humans and burning their life force to create weapons made of blood. As a being that only takes control of bodies, Hyoki can seamlessly change between hosts to continue fighting when his vessel becomes severely injured.

Hyoki can also utilize its ability to cross large distances by repeatedly changing between hosts. Doing so also allows it to cross barriers, assume the identities of specific targets, and infiltrate organizations.

There are also special individuals referred to as "Rarities" that possess much higher affinity for Hyoki. Possessing these individuals allows Hyoki to harness even more power than normal.

Slitterhead Trailer

Newest Trailer

Slitterhead’s newest gameplay trailer shows us a glimpse of the various enemies we will encounter throughout the game. More notably, we are also treated with the combat styles of a few Rarities; special individuals that can harness more of Hyoki’s power.

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Slitterhead Product Information

Slitterhead Cover
Release Date November 8, 2024
Developer Bokeh Game Studio lnc.
Publisher Bokeh Game Studio lnc.
Supported Platforms PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S
Genre Action, Adventure, Horror
Number of Players 1
Official Website Slitterhead Website


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