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Nintendo Welcomes Former PlayStation Exec Gio Corsi


Former PlayStation executive Gio Corsi has announced his addition to Nintendo of America's team. Read on to learn more about Gio Corsi, his current and past roles, and what his hiring could entail for Nintendo.

Former PlayStation Exec Gio Corsi Joins Nintendo

Handles Nintendo's 3rd Party AAA Portfolio

Gio Corsi, known for his work in global second-party games at PlayStation, announced on April 12 that he is taking on a new role focused on third-party game management at Nintendo. Corsi took to Twitter (X) to share his excitement about joining Nintendo's AAA 3rd Party Portfolio Management team, expressing enthusiasm about bringing 'amazing games to the Nintendo platform'.

"This week I began my new gig filled with fun & adventure! I’ve joined the @NintendoAmerica AAA 3rd Party Portfolio Mgmt crew to help great teams bring their amazing games to this legendary platform! On a personal note, Papa Mario is very proud! Here we go!!!" wrote Corsi on the social media site.

His appointment comes after stints at studios IllFonic and Iron Galaxy Studios following his departure from PlayStation in 2019. Throughout his career, Corsi held prominent roles at various gaming companies, including LucasArts, Nexon Publishing, and EA, before his 6-year tenure at PlayStation.

Nintendo Could Be Looking to Leverage Significant Software Sales


Corsi's appointment at Nintendo raised speculation about the company's future priorities, particularly regarding its approach to third-party games. Analysts suggested that Nintendo's interest in Corsi might signal a shift towards expanding the presence of third-party titles on either the current Switch console or its rumored successor.

Corsi is no stranger to handling the business of handhelds as he was a committed supporter of the PS Vita during his time at Sony, acting as the Sr. Director of third-party production and developer relations for over 4 years at the company. In that regard, Nintendo positions itself to compete more directly with other gaming giants, PlayStation and Xbox.


With a significant portion of Nintendo's revenue stemming from software sales, the company seems to be futher committing to varying its offerings. Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa previously stated that, for the company, "there’s an increasing need, more than ever before, to continue offering unique propositions to become a brand that customers choose." The current Switch console will be Nintendo’s main business heading into 2024, Furukawa said in a conference call after an earnings report earlier in February.

Corsi Joins Another Former PS Exec in Moving to Other Platforms


Sony's reshuffling of executives in its PlayStation division that started in 2019 seems to have brought over a few of its high profile talents to other platforms. Corsi's appointment at Nintendo could be indicative of a broader trend. Apart from this development with Corsi, former Sony VP Mena Kato announced by the end of 2023 that she is spearheading efforts to usher in a stronger era of Xbox in Japan in her directorial capacity.

Former PlayStation exec joins Nintendo of America
PlayStation relocation signals the end of an era

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