Dave the Diver Developers Unveil Next Project: Nakwon: Last Paradise


Dave the Diver developer, Mintrocket, unveils Nakwon: Last Paradise as their next project. Learn more about this apocalyptic zombie game, trailer, plot, and game community.

MintRocket Unveils Next Project

Nakwon: Last Paradise Teaser Video Available

Are you prepared to enter a universe where each action could determine your fate? Nakwon: Last Paradise is the latest project from MintRocket, the creators of the adored Dave the Diver. This stealth survival game takes place in a zombie-infested Seoul, and players must use their brains, agility, and strategy to stay one step ahead of the undead horde.

On September 27, Mintrocket released Nakwon's teaser trailer, which has a "Train to Busan" zombie feel that will bring you to the edge of your seats. The teaser video shows genuine gameplay from an early build. It gives you a taste of the pulse-pounding action and how you may outwit the undead in Seoul's streets.

What is Nakwon: Last Paradise?


Nakwon: Last Paradise is an ambitious zombie apocalypse game in a city overrun by the undead. Your mission is clear: evade detection, scavenge for crucial supplies, and make a daring escape to stay alive. With up to 16 players in a PvPvE environment, every decision you make could impact not only your survival but also the fate of others.

The message conveyed by the subtitle "Last Paradise" is significant. "Yeouido" serves as a restricted Quarantine Zone and a glimmer of hope for Survivors trying to flee the unrelenting zombie attack. It is the last bastion of hope and the location where the will to live is strongest.

From the Developers' Desk


Nakwon: Last Paradise, according to game director Jang Kyoung Han, is intended to be a realistic survival game in which players must utilize their cunning, resources, and willpower to survive in a society where zombies are the main predators. Although the game is still in production, the team is dedicated to getting user feedback to make the greatest possible game.

MintRocket Executive Producer Kim Daehwon also shared that Nakwon promises to deliver a top-tier stealth survival game that will redefine the genre.

Nakwon: Last Paradise Pre-Alpha Open Test Coming Later 2023

MintRocket is set to hold a pre-alpha open test of Nakwon later this year, giving you an exclusive opportunity to experience the game before anyone else. Stay tuned and join the Nakwon Community on Discord to connect with fellow Survivors and engage with the developers directly.

Survival awaits. Are you up for the challenge? Prepare for Nakwon: Last Paradise, where every decision is a matter of life and death.

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