The Last of Us - About Game Difficulty

This article will guide you about the game difficulty for the game The Last of Us (TLoU). Read on for more information and tips on clearing every game difficulty within this section.

This article will guide you about the game difficulty for the game The Last of Us (TLoU). Read on for more information and tips on clearing every game difficulty within this section.

Game Difficulty


This difficulty is recommended for beginners that haven't played the game. It will have a Lock on Aiming function where you can easily aim for the enemies, and you will have the skill Shiv Master as a default, so you won't have to upgrade it. There are also a lot of supplies and items that can be picked up.


The Normal difficulty is a bit challenging, on this difficulty you will have to upgrade the skill Shiv Master to defend from Clickers, and also the Lock on Aiming is now disabled. Supplies and Items are also few compared to the Easy one.


The Hard mode will be a bit challenging, making your enemies harder to kill and has higher damage against you. The supplies and items that can be pick up are fewer than before.


Recommended only for players that already finished the game. The Listen Mode is now disabled, making it a bit harder to fight your enemies, the supplies and items are also difficult to come by.


The real challenge for all the players, on this difficulty all the enemies will be harder than ever before having a higher damage that will kill you easily. The Hud is also disabled making it difficult for you to count your bullets and also to keep track of your health bar.

Tips on Clearing Every Game Difficulty

Conserve Supplies

Gathering supplies is one of the important factors of this game for you to finish it. Be sure to gather and save up supplies then use it on important matters.


For you to conserve supplies and avoid unnecessary gunfights that will use a lot of supplies. It is recommended to sneak past the enemies and distracting their attention elsewhere.
For more information on how to avoid being detected see the link below.
How to Avoid Being Detected

Familiarize the Game

When playing on the much harder difficulty, you might need to familiarize the game for you to clear it on higher difficulty. Endure and Survive!

Recommended Difficulty

For Beginners

If you haven't played any Survival-Action games, you might want to play at Easy or Normal difficulty to fully enjoy the game. This game mode will give you a fair challenge to complete the game without making it too easy for you to complete.

Additional Challenge

After completing the game, you will now unlock the Survivor and Grounded mode. This difficulty is a lot harder than Normal or Hard. If you want more challenging gameplay, you should try on this difficulty.

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