The Last of Us | Pittsburgh | Story Walkthrough

This is the story walkthrough for the chapter Pittsburgh for the game The Last of Us (TLoU). Read on for more information about objectives, and items within this section.

This is the story walkthrough for the chapter Pittsburgh for the game The Last of Us (TLoU). Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

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Bill's Town The Suburbs

Pittsburgh : Alone and Forsaken

Pittsburgh: Alone and Forsaken Objectives
1 Eliminate the hunters that ambushed you.
2 Head for the roll up door and open it.
3 Go upstairs through the back door.
4 Get past the hunters to enter the abandoned military zone.
5 Clear out the camp of hunters
6 After clearing it, head for the upstairs exit at the end of the building.
7 Walk through the alleyway and use the stairs to cross the other wall.
End of Objectives

1. Eliminate the hunters that ambushed you

1. Eliminate (1).png
Most of the encounters here will be against other survivors. It is going to be a bit harder than taking out the infected. Always use your advantage by sneaking and conserve your supplies.

5. Clear out the camp

5. Clear out the camp (1).png
When you enter the abandoned military zone, you will encounter a lot of hunters inside the camp and in the buildings. It is advisable to sneak on them one by one instead of fighting them all at once. After clearing them out, you'll find the exit at the 2nd floor of the building.

Pittsburgh : Hotel Lobby

Pittsburgh: Hotel Lobby Objectives
1 Head to the hotel.
2 Find a platform for Ellie to cross through and fix the plank.
3 Go to the hotel lobby, then find a ladder to go up.
4 When you enter the 2nd floor, you can clear the area of hunters or just sneak past them. Continue heading upstairs.
5 Look for the open elevator to continue going up.
6 After the cutscene, go to the room with the 'exit' sign.
7 Head for the West Tower B1 then dive to cross the gate.
8 Go up the stairs to find your way out.
9 Find the Hotel Keycard to exit through the door.
10 After getting the Hotel Keycard, look for the generator to turn on the power.
11 Make your way through the kitchen.
12 Get the ladder to go upstairs.
13 Make your way back to Ellie then head to the auditorium.
14 Use the piano to boost yourself up to the exit, then move through the balcony.
End of Objectives

4.Continue heading upstairs

4. continue heading upstairs (1).png
The hotel will be filled by hunters. Stay alert and always use Joel's listening ability to determine where the hunters are then sneak by them to avoid gunfight.

10. Look for the Keycard

10. Look for the keycard (1).png
The keycard can be located at the office after making your way around through the gap.

11. Look for the generator to turn on the power

11. Look for the generator (1).png
After getting the keycard you will need to turn on the generator. You can locate the generator by following the Yellow and Red Wires.

Pittsburgh : Financial District

Pittsburgh: Financial District Objectives
1 Clear the area of hunters. Use Ellie as a lookout to help spot them.
2 Go to the roll-up door and open it.
3 Exit through the side door .
4 Continue heading down the financial district.
5 Give Ellie a boost to climb up and bring down the ladder.
6 Go through the alley then head to the building for cover.
7 Make your way around the truck.
8 After crossing the street, head to the back of the building for cover.
9 Go to the open door then head upstairs to avoid the truck.
10 Use the edge of the buildings to cross then head for the open window.
11 Follow Henry to one of the hunters' hideouts.
End of Objectives

1. Ellie and Joel combo

1. Ellie and Joel Combo (1).png
Letting Ellie use the Hunting Rifle, she will provide cover as you proceed through the area to clear it of hunters.

4. Heading down the financial district

4. Head down financial district (1).png
The financial district will still be filled with hunters. You can use your surroundings for cover to sneak towards them and take them out.
For more tips on how to avoid being detected. See the link below.
How to Avoid Being Detected

7. Make your way around the truck

7. make your way around the truck (1).png
Battling the armored truck is suicide; you cannot damage it or even burn it using a molotov. Avoid it by using your surroundings as cover while you make your way around the truck.

Pittsburgh : Escape The City

Pittsburgh: Escape The City Objectives
1 Follow Henry on your way to the bridge.
2 Clear the area of hunters guarding the gate.
3 Enter the gate.
4 Head for the truck to give them a boost to cross.
5 On the left side, go through the roll-up door.
6 Continue going to the bar to find your way out.
7 Remove the object obstructing the door.
8 Run to the bridge.
End of Objectives

8. Run to the bridge

8. run bridge (1).png
Run as fast as you can to the bridge. You can dodge the bullets by moving left and right while running.

Pittsburgh: Collectibles

How to Obtain All Collectibles


Siphon Hose
Place: Alone and Forsaken
Siphon HoseEnlarge It was given to you by Bill at the end of the previous chapter.
Tourists Manifest
Place: Alone and Forsaken
Tourists ManifestEnlarge Entering the garage door you can locate it on top of a cart.
Ambush Map
Place: Alone and Forsaken
Ambush MapEnlarge Go upstairs just past their bedroom you will find a closed door then enter it. You will see the artifact on the wall.
Lost Hill Note
Place: Alone and Forsaken
Lost Hill NoteEnlarge Before entering the quarantine zone look inside the stall.
Traitors Flyer
Place: Alone and Forsaken
Traitors FlyerEnlarge Outside the front of library, it is placed on a metal wall.
Abandon Zone Note
Place: Alone and Forsaken
Abandon Zone NoteEnlarge On the first floor of the library building, head to one of the back rooms.
Applicant Checklist
Place: Alone and Forsaken
Applicant ChecklistEnlarge Under the stairs of the library building.
Lost Areas Map
Place: Alone and Forsaken
Lost Areas MapEnlarge At the second floor of the library go to the Rivers Cafe and right beside it is a locked door, open it and get the artifact inside. Note: You will need a Shiv to open the door.
Mother's Letter
Place: Alone and Forsaken
MotherEnlarge Before going to the hotel. Go to your left then open the locked door marked with a red X Note: You will need a Shiv to open the door.
Stash Note
Place: Alone and Forsaken
Stash NoteEnlarge Before crossing the plank head to second floor of the coffee shop.
Note to Staff
Place: Hotel Lobby
Note to StaffEnlarge It is on the other side of the main stairs. You can use the edge of broken stairs to cross through.
Hotel Keycard
Place: Hotel Lobby
Hotel KeycardEnlarge Making your way back to Ellie after getting seperated. You will need the keycard to open the door. It located in the office right after you make way around the gap.
Fireflies Note
Place: Financial District
Fireflies NoteEnlarge Get inside the store with DON FIOCCHI sign then head to the freezer at the kitchen area.
Final Attack Note
Place: Financial District
Final Attack NoteEnlarge Heading upstairs you can get obtain this by going to room filled with tables. It is located at the end table near the open window.
Mob Attack Note
Place: Financial District
Mob Attack NoteEnlarge Inside the building with the broken windows, head upstairs then go to the back of a counter.
Truck Note
Place: Financial District
Truck NoteEnlarge Look for the building with HS&L CREDIT UNION sign then get inside, it will be laying on one of the tables.
Trial Note
Place: Escape the City
Trial NoteEnlarge Following Henry to the hideout, go to one of the open rooms then you will see it laying on the ground.

Firefly Pendant

Kazden Risk
Place: Alone and Forsaken
Kazden RiskEnlarge Outside the Library Building go to the left side part of it, head to the end of that part then you will see it just behind a barricade.
Colby Reed
Place: Hotel Lobby
Colby ReedEnlarge After reuniting with Ellie, head down then go to the bathroom and you will see it inside the bathroom stall.
Lucas Rios
Place: Escape the CIty
Lucas RiosEnlarge After crossing the plank at the roofs head to the bathroom at the right side. It will be on one of the bathroom stall.


Termination Shock
Place: Alone and Forsaken
Termination ShockEnlarge After exiting the warehouse, go through the road then get inside the bus that you will see along the road.
Place: Hotel Lobby
AccretionEnlarge After getting rescued by Ellie go upstairs then go left you will see an area where it has a huge gap, use the edge to cross.
Deep Phase
Place: Escape the City
Deep PhaseEnlarge After meeting Henry head downstairs, Get inside the locked door that you will see when going down. It is placed on one of the bedrooms
Note: The locked door can only be opened by a Shiv.
Force Carrier
Place: Alone and Forsaken
Force CarrierEnlarge You already have this item at your backpack.

Training Manuals

Health - Splinting
Place: Alone and Forsaken
Health - SplintingEnlarge Entering the warehouse, head upstairs then go to the bedroom. It will be placed on a pedestal.
Shiv - Reinforcement
Place: Hotel Lobby
Shiv - ReinforcementEnlarge At the Hotel Lobby, go to the reception area then open the safe.
Note: You will need the artifact “Note to Staff“ to open the safe.
Melee - Knots
Place: Hotel Lobby
Melee - KnotsEnlarge Before heading to the Music Hall you will see it laying on a table.
Molotov - Construction
Place: Escape the City
Molotov - ConstructionEnlarge Before following Henry to exit the door, look around the room. You will locate it in the kitchen area.

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