The Last of Us | The Outskirts | Story Walkthrough

This is the story walkthrough for the chapter The Outskirts for the game The Last of Us (TLoU). Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

This is the story walkthrough for the chapter The Outskirts for the game The Last of Us (TLoU). Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

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The Quarantine Zone Bill's Town

The Outskirts : Outside

The Outskirts: Outside Objectives
1 Help Tess lead Ellie out of the city by going through the north tunnel.
2 After going through the north tunnel, head outside.
3 You'll find yourself being chased by the soldiers. Make your way through the sewers.
4 Use the surroundings as cover to pass through the soldiers.
5 Once you get past the soldiers, head for the warehouse.
6 Gather supplies inside and exit the warehouse.
End of Objectives

4. Use the surroundings for cover.

4. Use surroundings (1).png
It is hard to square off with the soldiers since they will outnumber and outgun you. It is better to sneak past them by using items such as Bricks and Bottles to distract them. It can also help you conserve bullets
For more information on how to avoid being detected. See the link below.
How to Avoid Being Detected

The Outskirts : Downtown

The Outskirts: Downtown Objectives
1 Cut through downtown to get to the Capitol Buiding
2 If you find yourself unable to cross downtown, head for the abandoned bulding.
3 Get inside the building and look around for supplies.
4 Head upstairs and check the room with a body blocking it. Pass through the narrow path.
5 You will find an open room with a ledge. This will help give Tess a boost.
6 Slip past through the Clicker then head for the stairwell.
7 Head downstairs, then follow Tess outside the edge of the building to cross.
8 Clear the area of Runners and Clickers.
9 After clearing the area, head up to the other room.
10 Go down by using the ruins then head for the subway.
11 Exit the subway station.
End of Objectives

3. Check the rooms to gather more supplies

3. Gather Supplies (1).png
Since supplies are important in the game, you should make it a habit to check all the rooms for them. These help increase your survival. There are also rooms that can only be opened by using the Shiv, so make sure to save some to open certain doors.

6. Slip past through those Clickers

6. SLip past clickers (1).png
Use items to distract Clickers such as Bricks and Bottles. Clickers cannot see you, they depend only on sound so be sure to keep quiet and walk slowly.

8. Clearing the area

8. clearing the area (1).png
The area consists of 4 Runners and 1 Clicker - a total of 5 infected. You can clear the area by using Joel's hearing then eliminating them one by one. Make use of the surroundings and distraction items.

11. Exiting the Subway

11. Exit the Subway (1).png
Before exiting the subway station you will encounter infected at the area. Clear them out or eliminate them. You might need a number of Shivs to clear them all. We recommend slipping past by distracting them.

The Outskirts: Museum

The Outskirts: Museum
1 Find an object that you can use to lift yourself over the truck.
2 Head for the closed roll-up door then open it.
3 After the cutscene, you can now upgrade your weapons at a safe zone.
4 Exit the safe zone then head up to find a way out.
5 Go through the narrow path. Let Tess and Ellie use the plank.
6 Make your way back to Ellie and Tess.
7 At the end off the hallway you will see a double door. Go through it.
8 Head upstairs after hearing a commotion
9 Rescue Tess and Ellie.
10 Exit through the broken window then go to the roof.
11 Find a plank to get across the building.
End of Objectives

1. Finding the object

1. Object (1).png
The object that you need to find to get over the truck is located at the abandoned house to your left. Be careful inside the house as there might be some infected in the area.

3. Upgrading your weapons

3. Upgrade (1).png
You can upgrade your weapons if you encounter a desk (refer to the image above). You will need items called Parts and Tools to upgrade your weapons.
For more information on How to upgrade your weapons see the link below.
How to Upgrade Weapons

The Outskirts : The Capitol Building

The Outskirts: Capitol Building
1 Follow Tess on the way to Capitol Building.
2 After the cutscene, exit through the back of the building then go upstairs.
3 Jump across the other building.
4 Make your way to the hallway.
5 Go at the end of the hallway and head downstairs.
6 You will be chased by the soldiers. You can slip past through or eliminate them.
7 Exit the Capitol Building then head through the subway.
8 Follow the train tracks.
9 Swim through the area to find your way out.
10 Find a platform for Ellie to cross and get you to the ladder.
11 Exit the subway station.
End of Objectives

6. Being chased by the soldiers.

6. Soldiers (1).png
Fighting the soldiers is harder than the infected, but you can still distract them by using items. They are smarter and more alert; slip past by as much as you can. You can also fight them head-on but you will need a lot of bullets for that.

10. Find a platform

10. Platform (1).png
Ellie cannot swim. You need to find a platform for her to cross and give you the ladder. The platform is located at the other end of the area.

The Outskirts: Collectibles


Tess' List
Place: Outside
Before exiting the room, look around and you can see it laying on a table.
Patrol Routes Map
Place: Outside
After using the lift look around the area then you will see it besides the wall. Note: Use your flashlight to look around.
Evacuation Leaflet
Place: Downtown
On your way to downtown. Head to a post with a "Fourth Street West" sign it is laying on the ground besides it.
Field Ops Log
Place: Downtown
Heading upstairs in the building you will encounter a dead body on the stairs. It is right beside it.
Firefly Map
Place: Downtown
It is located on the stairs beside the corpse before entering the subway.
Note to Derek
Place: Downtown
While on the area filled with Clickers head to the leftmost store, go to the cash register then open the drawer
Medical Pamphlet
Place: Museum
After jumping over the truck, get inside the truck.
Firefly Orders
Place: The Capitol Building
Before heading to The Capitol Building head down the stairs then you will see a corpse. It is laying besides the corpse.
Smuggler Note
Place: The Capitol Building
Swimming through the flooded area. Ellie will find a flashlight, go to the corpse and you will see it laying besides the corpse.

Firefly Pendant

Joseph Lenz
Place: Downtown
Before entering the building, go to the right side. It will be hanging on the last tree.
Michael Kiper
Place: Museum
Heading upstairs in the museum go near the windows. You will have to walk through the edge to reach it.
Melinda Davidson
Place: Capitol Building
Go to the Gazeebo on the flooded part just in front of the Capitol Building
Shiyao Jiang
Place: The Capitol Building
When Ellie find a flashlight go to the corpse then you will see another path. Dive through it and you will locate the pendant at the room on a pedestal.


Comic cannot be obtained in this chapter.

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