The Last of Us | Bill's Town | Story Walkthrough

This is the story walkthrough for the chapter Bill's Town for the game The Last of Us (TLoU). Read on for more information about objectives, and items within this section.

This is the story walkthrough for the chapter Bill's Town for the game The Last of Us (TLoU). Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

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The Outskirts Pittsburgh

Bill's Town : The Woods

Bill's Town: The Woods Objectives
1 Make your way through the woods until you reach the water storage facility
2 Make your way around the facility.
3 Head down to the open house then give Ellie a boost to open the gate.
4 Walk down the street, then head for the alleyway.
5 Get the ladder to get up on the truck then pass through the roof.
6 Get down the roof then head for the open gate.
7 Shoot down the infected to escape the trap.
8 Follow Bill to escape, then head to his safehouse.
End of Objectives

2. Make your way around

2. Make your way around (1).png
After seeing that the facility is closed, head to the left side of the facility and you will see a house. Use the broken machine to lift yourself up to the house. Use the plank to cross over then go inside the town.

4. Making your way to the alleyway

4. Alleyway (1).png
In the alleyway, you will encounter traps that Bill made. You can set them off by throwing items at them or you can avoid them by crouching.

7. Shooting down the infected

7. shoot down (1).png
It is a bit hard to aim when you are upside down. In easy mode, you have an auto-aim function, but in the game's other difficulties, it is disabled. Aim for the infected carefully and do not worry about conserving your bullets. Bullets used in this part of the game are not deducted from the bullets you have in your inventory.

Bill's Town : Safehouse

Bill's Town: Safehouse Objectives
1 Follow Bill to his armory.
2 Fight off the infected in the streets.
3 Go through the gate then head for the armory.
4 Gather supplies at his armory before exiting.
End of Objectives

Bill's Town : Graveyard

Bill's Town: Graveyard Objectives
1 Walk through the graveyard to reach the school.
2 Head to the locked door and let Bill open it.
3 Go through the streets, then head for the empty garage door.
4 Let Ellie cross through the pet door to open it.
5 Head up to the RV to cross the other house.
6 Open the garage door of the house then head for the school.
7 Give Ellie a boost to have her bring down the ladder for you.
8 Get inside the school.
End of Objectives

1. Walk through the graveyard

1. Walk the Graveyard (1).png
The graveyard is full of infected, mainly Clickers. You can choose to slip past them quietly or eliminate them, with which you'll need to use Shivs. We recommend to just slip past them using distraction (Bricks, Bottles) and save your items for when you really need it.
For more information on how to avoid being detected see the link below.
How to Avoid Being Detected

6. Heading to the school

6. Head for the school (1).png
Make sure that you've save up on ammo and supplies. You'll need them to fight off the infected in case you can't get through them quietly.

Bill's Town : High School Escape

Bill's Town: High School Escape Objectives
1 After the cutscene, head to the school hallway to escape.
2 Go down the hallway and through the classroom.
3 Open the barricaded door.
4 At the gymnasium, fight off the infected.
5 Get to the bleachers to give Bill a boost.
6 Escape through the window.
7 Head for the fences, then get up to the ladder.
8 Try to jumpstart the truck and get the engine started.
9 Get on the back of the truck to escape.
End of Objectves

4. Fighting the infected at the gymnasium

4. Gymnasium (1).png
You will encounter a new infected at the gymnasium called Bloater. This infected throws spores at you. Be sure to use your items along with your weapon when fighting off this type of infected.

7. Head for the fences

7. Head for the fences (1).png
After you escape from the school, you can see the fences that separate it. Head down to the dried river and climb up the ladder to escape.

Bill's Town: Collectibles


Pills Note
Place: The Woods
Pills NoteGo to the 2nd floor of the first house that you will encounter, head inside the room and you will see it laying on the ground.
Note to Bob
Place: The Woods
Note to BobAt the end of the town you will encounter a wall. It is caught between the barbed wire.
Perimeter Note
Place: The Woods
Perimeter NoteHead inside record store, it is located at the back room of the store.
Note to Rachel
Place: The Woods
Note to RachelAfter going down the roofs, you will hear banging at the door. Go inside then head upstairs and you will see a Rachel writing on the wall.
Bills' Map
Place: Safehouse
BillsEnlarge Inside the first safehouse you can see it on a table.
Fences Note
Place: Safehouse
Fences NoteEnlarge Looking around the first safehouse go to the backroom. It is laying on a small table inside the room.
Hunter Note
Place: Safehouse
Hunter NoteEnlarge Exiting the first safehouse go upstairs then head to the open room.
Bombs Note
Place: Safehouse
Bombs NoteEnlarge While in the Church, go inside Bill's room it will be on a table.
Boy's Diary
Place: Graveyard
BoyEnlarge Go inside the house with a pool in it, then head upstairs. It is on the right side of the room near the window.
Note from Frank
Place: High School Escape
Note from FrankEnlarge Look around Frank's hideout and you will see an open room. Go inside it then you will find it on the table.
Note from Frank (Crumpled)
Place: High School Escape
Note from Frank (Crumpled)Enlarge After giving Bill the note, he will crumple it then pick it up again.

Firefly Pendant

Hui Wang
Place: The Woods
Hui WangEnlarge Walking through the town you will encounter an RV, get on top of it then you will find the pendant.
Alex Raymond Vincent
Place: Safehouse
Alex Raymond VincentEnlarge Exiting the first safehouse you will encounter the infected in the area. After clearing it, look for the streetlight and you will see the pendant hanging on it.
Peter Mrozik
Place: Graveyard
Peter MrozikEnlarge After exiting the graveyard, go inside the first house then head to one of the rooms with the laundry on it. It is on top of the washing machine.

Training Manuals

Shiv - Sharpening
Place: Safehouse
Shiv - SharpeningEnlarge Inside the first safehouse, It will be laying on the bar.

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2 Anonymous8 months

>>1 i also had this problem before! melee the normal infected and save your ammo for the bloater, it'll still be a close call but that should be enough to kill it! also, let bill do a lot of shooting

1 Anonymous8 months

what to do when u run out of ammo during the boss fight? do i have to restart to find ammo becos i cant fight anymore

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