The Last of Us | The Suburbs | Story Walkthrough

This is the story walkthrough for the chapter The Suburbs for the game The Last of Us (TLoU). Read on for more information about objectives, and items within this section.

This is the story walkthrough for the chapter The Suburbs for the game The Last of Us (TLoU). Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

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Pittsburgh Tommy's Dam

The Suburbs : Sewers

The Suburbs: Sewers Objectives
1 Follow Henry on your way to the radio tower.
2 Go to the sewer entrance.
3 Dive underneath to clear the gate of a stuck object.
4 Go upstairs to find a platform.
5 Use the platform to make Ellie cross to turn on the generator.
6 Head to the double door to find your way out to the sewers.
7 After the cutscene, go through a camp of infected.
8 Give Sam a boost to have him give you the ladder.
9 Run through the doorway to escape the infected.
10 Hold your ground against the infected.
End of Objectives

3. Dive underneath to open the gate

3. Dive underneath (1).png
Henry will try to open the gate but will be unable to do so; you will have to dive underneath it to clear it of the object that is keeping it closed.

7. Go through the infected camp

7. go to the infected camp (1).png
The camp is filled with many infected. You can either clear out the camp to move through or just sneak past them. We recommend sneaking past these infected to conserve your bullets and supplies.

10. Hold your ground

10. hold your ground (1).png
You'll need to keep the infected at bay while you let Sam and Ellie escape through the window and open the door for you to escape. We recommend using your Molotov and Nail bomb first as you hold them off.

The Suburbs: Suburbs

The Suburbs: Suburbs Objectives
1 After escaping the sewers, make your way around the suburbs.
2 You'll encounter a sniper's nest as you make your way around.
3 Protect your friends from incoming enemies.
End of Objectives

2. The snipers nest

2. SNipers nest (1).png
As you make your way through the suburbs, you'll encounter a sniper's nest filled with hunters. You can go around the houses to close in on the sniper and clear the house.

4.Protecting your friends

3. protect your friends (1).png
After clearing the sniper's nest of hunters, Ellie, Henry and Sam will be attacked by the hunters from Pittsburgh. You can use the sniper rifle to protect them.

The Suburbs: Collectibles

How to Obtain All Collectibles


Boat Note
Place: Sewers
Boat NoteEnlarge Head to the boat then go inside the deck.
Sewers Note
Place: Sewers
Sewers NoteEnlarge Go to the locked room where Ellie will have to crawl inside.
Trading Note
Place: Sewers
Trading NoteEnlarge After finding the platform, go inside the room with Clickers it will be laying on the ground besides the bed
Rain Catcher Note
Place: Sewers
Rain Catcher NoteEnlarge Finding out what happened to the survivors of the sewers, go inside the room at right side. The room will be filled with containers it is besides on one of the containers.
Cornered Note
Place: Sewers
Cornered NoteEnlarge Going upstairs there will be a room on the left side. Head inside the room it will be laying besides the corpse.
Kid's Drawing
Place: Sewers
KidEnlarge Getting seperated with Ellie and Henry go upstairs and you will see a playroom. The artifact will be on a bookshelf
Looting Note
Place: Suburbs
Looting NoteEnlarge Go to the first open house that you will see then head upstairs. It will be on one of the rooms.
Father's Note
Place: Suburbs
FatherEnlarge The second open house that you will see, go upstairs then head to one of the rooms.
Survivors Note
Place: Suburbs
Survivors NoteEnlarge On the third house besides the second house, head to the second floor. It is on a table next to a computer.
Place: Suburbs
MatchbookEnlarge Still on the third house go to third floor then you will see it on a desk also besides a computer. Note: You can also use it to open the safe on the second floor.

Firefly Pendant

Josh Scheffler
Place: Sewers
Josh SchefflerEnlarge Get inside the boat then drop down the hole. It will be behind the blue net.
Robert Righetti
Place: Sewers
Robert RighettiEnlarge At the start of the sewers, on the right side you will see a rushing water then get inside through the narrow path.
Eddie Fuentes
Place: Sewers
Eddie FuentesEnlarge Heading through the watery area, on the left side you will see a broken car then dive underneath. It will be near the broken car.
Matthew White
Place: Suburbs
Matthew WhiteEnlarge Go to the end of the suburbs and you will see a little playground. It will be hanging up on the tree.


Place: Sewers
AntiparticlesEnlarge Head to the boat then get inside the deck.
Messenger Particle
Place: Suburbs
Messenger ParticleEnlarge When you are on the third house head to the second floor then go inside the bathroom.

Training Manuals

Bomb - Containment
Place: Sewers
Bomb - ContainmentEnlarge After getting inside the double doors with the alarm sound, head through the area and you will see it on a pedestal.
Melee - Techniques
Place: Suburbs
Melee - TechniquesEnlarge Get inside the second house then head upstairs. Look above the ceiling and you will see a door to the ceiling. Interact with it and give Ellie a boost.

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