The Last of Us | Lakeside Resort | Story Walkthrough

This is the story walkthrough for the chapter Lakeside Resort for the game The Last of Us (TLoU). Read on for more information about objectives, and items within this section.

This is the story walkthrough for the chapter Lakeside Resort for the game The Last of Us (TLoU). Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

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The University Bus Depot

Lakeside Resort : The Hunt

Lakeside Resort : The Hunt Objectives
1 Hunt down the deer.
2 Protect yourself from the infected.
3 Follow David to escape.
4 Hold your ground against your enemies.
5 After the cutscene, Escape from David's men.
6 Go through the Nature Park to escape.
7 Go inside at the back of the house.
8 Exit through the other end of the hallway.
End of Objectives

4. Hold your ground

4. Hold your ground (1).png
You'll be needing a lot of ammo to defend yourself. You can also use Bricks and Bottles to stun the infected coming at you.
Tip: Run around the area to avoid being attacked by Clickers.

5. Escape from David's men

5. escape (1).png
Escaping from David's men using Ellie may be hard due to her small stature. She also cannot defend well against enemies, but she is sneaky and fast. It is better to just sneak past the enemies using distraction items (Bricks, Bottles) to escape.

Lakeside Resort : Cabin Resort

Lakeside Resort: Cabin Resort Objectives
Joel 1 Search for Ellie.
Ellie 1 Find a way out of the camp.
Ellie 2 Escape under the cover of the blizzard.
Ellie 3 Look around the houses for an exit.
Ellie 4 Head inside the kitchen area then exit through the end of the hallway.
Ellie 5 Defeat David inside the restaurant.
Joel 2 Make your way inside the camp to find Ellie.
Joel 3 Get inside the buildings until you reach the storage room.
Joel 4 Exit the storage room then head towards the burning building.
End of Objectives

Ellie 2: Use the blizzard for cover

The Last of Us™ Remastered_blizzard cover (1).png
While escaping from David's camp, you will encounter a blizzard that can give you cover from your enemies. Better use it to your advantage to hide yourself from them.

Ellie 5: Defeat David

The Last of Us™ Remastered_defeat david (1).png
David will appear before you leave the restaurant. You can defeat him by sneaking then stabbing him at the back. You should be careful about him seeing you as he will try and get a hold of you. Try to run around the restaurant then use distraction items such as (Bottles, Bricks) as these can distract your opponent. Be mindful, however, that the broken plates can give off your location.

Lakeside Resort: Collectibles

How to Obtain All Collectibles


No Pun Intended
Place: The Hunt
No Pun IntendedEnlarge You already have this item at your backpack.
To Get To The Other Side!
Place: The Hunt
To Get To The Other Side!Enlarge You already have this item at your backpack.
Riley's Pendant
Place: The Hunt
RileyEnlarge You already have this item at your backpack.
Sam's Robot
Place: The Hunt
SamEnlarge You already have this item at your backpack.
Place: The Hunt
WalkmanEnlarge You already have this item at your backpack.
Place: The Hunt
SwitchbladeEnlarge You already have this item at your backpack.
Note from Mom
Place: The Hunt
Note from MomEnlarge You already have this item at your backpack.
Joel & Sarah Photo
Place: The Hunt
Joel & Sarah PhotoEnlarge You already have this item at your backpack.
Lake Resort Map
Place: The Hunt
Lake Resort MapEnlarge You already have this item at your backpack when you play as Joel.
Ellie's Backpack
Place: Cabin Resort
EllieEnlarge When you enter the storage room. Joel will see the backpack and pick it up.
Meat Ledger
Place: Cabin Resort
Meat LedgerEnlarge After getting Ellie's Backpack look around the room and you will see it on the right side near the backpack.

Firefly Pendant

Travis Kristof
Place: The Hunt
Travis KristofEnlarge Having David give you a boost, you will encounter a Clicker upstairs. After encountering it, get inside the open room on the left side.
Paul D. Braun
Place: The Hunt
Paul D. BraunEnlarge Exiting the cabins, go to the right side then get inside the Gazeebo.


Place: The Hunt
UncertaintyEnlarge Following the wounded deer, you will encounter a broken house. Get inside then head to the room at the left side, it is placed inside the drawer.
Place: The Hunt
NegentropyEnlarge After using the first sewer to cross, go at the back it is placed on one of the chairs.

Training Manuals

Smoke - Shaping
Place: Cabin Resort
Smoke - ShapingEnlarge Playing as Joel, head to the house before entering the truck passage. After going to the house head to the back and you will see a locked door.
The locked door can only be open using a Shiv.

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