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The Last of Us - Story Walkthrough

Story Walkthrough
Story Walkthrough

Prologue The Quarantine Zone
The Outskirts Bill's Town
Pittsburgh The Suburbs
Tommy's Dam The University
Lakeside Resort Bus Depot
The Firefly Lab Jackson

The Last of Us - Left Behind Walkthrough

Left Behind Walkthrough

Left Behind Walkthrough

Back in a Flash Mallrats
So Close Fun and Games
The Enemy of My Enemy Escape from Liberty Gardens

The Last of Us - Beginner's Tips & Guides


Controls and Techniques

A Must-see for Beginners! Basic Movement and Gameplay
Basic Controls and Techniques Crafting Listen Mode

Game Walkthrough

How to Upgrade Weapons How to Upgrade Character Skills How to Avoid Being Detected
How to Get Past Humvee How to Use Health Kit How to Use Shiv
All Toolbox Locations All Safe Locations

Useful Information

New Game Plus About Game Difficulty Ending
Voice Actors Review News
How Long Does it Take to Finish Difference of Remastered from Original About Cordyceps


Unlockable Content Easter Eggs
Jokes American Dreams
Factions Original Soundtrack

Beginner Guide & Tips

The Last of Us - Collectibles


List of Collectibles

The Last of Us - Weapons


List of Weapons


9mm Pistol Revolver Hunting Rifle
Shotgun Bow El Diablo
Flame Thrower Assault Rifle Shorty

Melee Weapons

Shiv 2x4 Baseball Bat
Pipe Machete Hatchet

Throwable Weapons

Molotov Cocktail Nail Bomb Smoke Bomb

Health Restore Item

Health Kit

About The Last of Us

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Play through the post-apocalyptic world of The Last of Us and discover the story as they try to survive against all odds in order to accomplish the mission.

Last of Us Series Walkthroughs

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