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This page has everything you need to know about the Persona Cerberus from Persona 5 Strikers. Keep reading to find out this Persona's strengths, weaknesses, and skills it learns!

Cerberus Stats and Affinities

Arcana Level Inherit
Chariot 57 Fire
Reflect Absorb Null Resist Weak
Fire Nuke Ice
St Ma En Ag Lu
41 35 33 41 28
The guardian hound who prevents anyone from entering or exiting the underworld in Greek lore. It was born from Typhon and Echidna, and is the older brother of Orthrus.

Skills Cerberus Learns

Skill Learned Effect Cost
Agidyne Innate Heavy Fire dmg to an area of foes with chance of inflicting Burn. 24 SP
Megaton Raid Innate Severe Phys dmg to an area of foes with medium chance of Critical 20% HP
Matarukaja Innate Temporarily increases Attack for all allies. 24 SP
Speed Master 58 Activates Sukukaja at the start of battle. -
Enduring Soul 59 When KO'd, revive with full HP once per battle. -
Fire Amp 62 Greatly strengthens Fire attacks. Stacks with Fire Boost. -
Inferno 70 Severe Fire dmg to an area of foes with chance of inflicting Burn. 36 SP

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