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How to Kill Treasure Demons

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This is a guide on how to kill Treasure Demons in Persona 5 Strikers. Read on to find out strategies to deal with these Shadows – the defeat of which giving you precious resources you will need.

What are Treasure Demons?

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Treasure Demons are special Shadows that you can encounter in Jails. They are hardy opponents to come up against, but do leave behind significantly great rewards each time you manage to defeat one. They take the form of a pink diamond that moves around, changing forms once you engage it in combat.

Where to find Treasure Demons?

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There isn't a set area in which you can encounter these foes – rather, they appear to you, doing so more often when you keep exploring or fighting other shadows or keeping the security in that Jail high. You can increase the chances of one appearing by raising the BOND Skill Treasure Hunter.

How to Kill Treasure Demons


Treasure Demons are relatively easy to deal with, with the only real challenge you have to face being the expiring timer you have to beat. Depending on the Demon and the Jail you find it in, Treasure Demons will have an affinity weakness that you can easily exploit.

Melee Attacks

The main chunk of where the damage you render against Treasure Demons will come from melee attacks. Make sure that all your party members are equipped with the best available weapons, interjecting here and there with affinity skills from your available Personas.

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