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How to Beat the Reaper

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This is a page on how to beat The Reaper, the last of the Powerful Shadows, in Persona 5 Strikers. Read on to find out its strengths and weaknesses, as well as strategies and party composition to bring an end to this Shadow!

The Reaper Information

Basic Information

Name The Reaper
Difficulty ★★★★★

If you've played the original Persona 5, you might know of this secret boss that you encounter. In Persona 5 Strikers, you will get a chance at the rematch of the lifetime against The Reaper, an extremely difficult Powerful Shadow fight during the Request Knocking on Death's Door.


World View Map View
Head to Lab: South and make it to the last room with the elevator. Take it up to get to the The Reaper.

Strengths and Weaknesses

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The Reaper has no weaknesses to take advantage of. The best way to deal with it is to fight it at a high enough level (Level 70 or more) to land strong and critical melee hits. Its own ways of dealing with you come with Affinity based skills that subtract great amounts from your health.

How to Unlock The Reaper

You can only unlock The Reaper by finishing all of the requests given to you. From there, you will receive a new Request called Knocking on Death's Door, which will see you heading back to Okinawa Jail.

All Requests | Persona 5 Strikers

The Reaper Attacks

Skill Affinity Effect
Magarudyne Wind Affinity.png Sends out three cyclones of wind that rushes out from where The Reaper directs them. These are easy to dodge if you keep at a distance when The Reaper begins to cast this skill.
Maragidyne Fire Affinity.png Several fireballs will appear above The Reaper's head. Move away from him and begin running left to right. The balls, when shot at you, move a medium pace and as such, are easy to dodge.
Maziodyne Shock Affinity.png Observe the ground when this is cast – avoid the lightning strike and jump over the wave that it sends out.
Maeigaon Curse Affinity.png The Reaper will dash forwards, leaving behind a trail of several cursed spots. Getting caught in the dash will deal massive damage against you.
Mabufudyne Ice Affinity.png A glacial blast that will send shards of ice to protrude from the ground. Jump to avoid these, or simply move away once the ground glows blue.
Freidyne Nuclear Affinity.png A ball of energy that will create an increasing wave once it touches the ground, targeting you. Create distance between you and The Reaper, and move out of the way once the ball shoots towards you.
Psiodyne Psy Affinity.png A Psy attack, where a circular field will chase you before collapsing in for an explosive strike. Run around to avoid this.
Riot Gun Gun Affinity.png Consecutive concussive shots, ending with one huge shot that can kill if you do not manage to avoid the prior shots.

The Reaper also possesses one last strike called Megidolaon, a heavy almighty attack that can cause severe damage if you cannot avoid. It is similar in effect to Freidyne.

The Reaper Tips and Strategy

Due to the variety of skills The Reaper displays, it is best to simply keep moving around the arena that you fight in, avoiding any of the attacks it sends your way. Patience is key to this battle – if you're lucky, your allies can remain alive despite your foe's attacks, rendering damage even if you are far away.

Approach this fight as a fight you cannot win using Persona skills, and as such, prepare by gathering a variety of Recovery Items, the best weapons and armor, and even levelling up to at least Level 70.

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