Persona 5 Strikers

How to Get the Best Armor for Each Character

This is a guide on how to get the best armor for each character in Persona 5 Strikers. Read on to find out how to get them, their stats, and more!

How to Get the Best Armor

P5S Junk Collection Part 9 Request.png

To get the best armors for each character in Persona 5 Strikers, you must first finish the request Junk Collection, Part 9 given to you in the Tree of Knowledge. Doing so unlocks these items in Sophia's Shop, which you can view in your hideout.

Tree of Knowledge Requests

Best Male Character Armor

Karna's Robes+ Overview

Gallant golden robes worn by an immortal hero.

Buy: 49,400 Yen Sell: 9,880 Yen
Defense 270
Effect Plus reduce Phys dmg (med).
Equippable Male
Purchasable 8/28

Best Female Character Armor

Titanium Corset+ Overview

An incredibly tight, reinforced titanium corset.

Buy: 49,200 Yen Sell: 9,840 Yen
Defense 260
Effect Plus 50 HP
Equippable Female
Purchasable 8/28

Best Morgana Armor

Sublime Collar+ Overview

A treasured cat collar coveted by all.

Buy: 45,400 Yen Sell: 9,080 Yen
Defense 266
Effect Plus 50 SP
Equippable Morgana
Purchasable 8/28

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