Persona 5 Strikers

The Velvet Room Fusion Guide | Persona Fusion and Strengthening

This is a guide to the Velvet Room and Persona Fusion and Strengthening. Find out how to operate the Velvet Room, where to locate it, as well as how to strengthen your Personas.

What is the Velvet Room

The Velvet Room is an area, only accessible to Protagonist, where you can create new Personas, enhance Personas, and access the Persona Compendium. Here, you'll also meet the Velvet Room keeper, Lavenza.

How to Locate the Velvet Room

You can access the Velvet Room via:

  • Phantom Thieves Van
  • The Hideout
  • Various parts of the city map
  • Jail checkpoints

Persona Fusion

Combination Compatibility ✔️
Persona Level Requirement ✔️
Protagonist's Current Level ✔️

Persona Fusion requires you to use a combination of Personas to create a new one. Other factors to pay attention to as you fuse a new Persona are combination compatibility, level requirement, and Protagonist's current level as Personas require to be as strong as or less so than Protagonist.

Persona Strengthening

Using Persona Points

The quickest way to strengthen and level up your Personas is by spending Persona Points on them.

Check out our Persona Points Farming Guide!
How to Get Persona Points Fast

Skill Cards

You can also use Skill Cards as a component to crafting your Personas and teaching them new skills.
List of Skill Cards

Fuse High Level Personas Together

To achieve your desired skill set for the new persona you want to create, take note of the combination personas' learned skill. More skills can be unlocked as your Persona levels up. Learned skills can be inherited by the result Persona.

EXP Grind

Persona 5 Strikers is a grindy game. The great thing about this, however, is that you're simultaneously strengthening both your Personas and Character.

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