Persona 5 Strikers

Best Character Tier List

A tier list for all the playable characters in Persona 5 Strikers. Read on to find out our picks for best characters in the game!

Character Tier List Overview

Zenkichi Hasegawa ThumbZenkichi Hasegawa Protagonist ThumbProtagonist
Makoto Niijima ThumbMakoto Niijima Sophia ThumbSophia
Ann Takamaki ThumbAnn Takamaki Yusuke Kitagawa ThumbYusuke Kitagawa
Morgana ThumbMorgana Haru Okumura ThumbHaru Okumura Ryuji Sakamoto ThumbRyuji Sakamoto

Character Tier List

S Tier Characters

Character Summary
Protagonist ThumbProtagonist
・Wide range of Elemental Skills (Damage, Status Buffs and Debuffs, Support, and Healing).

・Versatile in any type of party composition.
Zenkichi Hasegawa ThumbZenkichi Hasegawa
・Exceptional damage output and great attack range.

・Almighty Attacks that all enemies are vulnerable to. Strong battle finisher and pairs well with Support characterst
Makoto Niijima ThumbMakoto Niijima
・Vicious damage dealer utilizing Nuke and Phys.

・Flexible with damage dealing and support abilities.
Sophia ThumbSophia
・High Bless damage output.

・Very agile and perfect for Jail infiltration. Offers great healing abilities and buffs.

A Tier Characters

Character Summary
Yusuke Kitagawa ThumbYusuke Kitagawa
・Strong damage dealer with great Crit.hits.

・Exceptional counter ability and handles converging masses of enemies well.
Haru Okumura ThumbHaru Okumura
・Excellent Gun damage output and powerful Psy abilities. Good enemy finisher.

・Flexible with status ailment abilities and buff support.

B Tier Characters

Character Summary
Morgana ThumbMorgana
・Strong healing abilities and ample range of damage abilities.

・Special Attack is good for crowd control.
Ann Takamaki ThumbAnn Takamaki
・Versatile support and healing abilities and attack combos have a wide reach.

・Elemental Skill renders her as a situational pick for damage.
Ryuji Sakamoto ThumbRyuji Sakamoto
・Durable character and powerful Phys skills with wide reach.

・Excellent damage dealer but overall a situational pick.

Tier List Criteria

Character Versatility is Desirable for Party Composition

Ranking Factor
  • Team synergy will depend on how versatile a character is and what the character has to offer to the party.
  • Capabilites as an individual character.
  • The list rates the characters based on party composition. Their versatility, playstyle, and strengths are taken into account. Characters that can efficiently clear through Jails and finish off enemies with ease are rated highly.

    Skills and Abilities are Significant to Combat

    Ranking Factor
  • Whether or not Elemental Skills produce effective and potent output.
  • Elemental Skills complement those of the rest of the party.
  • As both Elemental and Non-Elemental Skills are significant to combat, we take into consideration how these affect party synergy. Likewise, effect output is taken into account. Characters with skills that are powerful in and of itself and gel well with those of the rest of the party are highly valued.

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