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Tree of Knowledge Story Walkthrough and Map

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This is the story walkthrough for the Tree of Knowledge in Persona 5 Strikers (P5S). Here you'll find a guide on how to complete this area, maps of each featured location, boss strategies, and a list of items that can be found.

Tree of Knowledge Maps

List of Maps
Base of the Great Tree Path of Yearning
Path of Surrender Hall of Contracts

Tree of Knowledge Story Walkthrough

Tree of Knowledge

Base of the Great Tree

Move to the southwest corner of the map and jump up the platform to reach a chest containing a Mechanical Heart.
2 Fight your way to the objective marker and enter the Path of Yearning.

Path of Yearning

Head to the northeast corner of the map. Defeat the Shadows in the area first so you can grab the Evil Smile inside the nearby chest.
2 Now move toward the marked area on the southwest corner and defeat The Blackened Fury and Merciless Inquisitor.
3 After the fight, register the checkpoint nearby and proceed to the Path of Surrender.

Path of Surrender

Fight your way along this linear path then once you reach the center of the map, hop on to the cover point in the southwest corner for a chest with an HP Incense.
Now head to the southeast corner of the map and defeat the Shadow guarding the chest containing a Balm of Life. Requires Safecracker Lv3.
3 Go back to your path and defeat more Shadows along the way until you reach the Hall of Contracts.

Hall of Contracts

1 P5S Metatron.png
Register the checkpoint and once you're ready for battle, approach the Shadow at the end of the path and defeat the Shadow of God.
2 Elevator.png
After the battle, ride the elevator to the next area.

Misty Path

1 Objective says "Obey" but we won't follow it this time. Following the objective marker will just send you back to where you started. Just go back the other way until you break through the barrier and escape the illusion.

Once you're back, make your way to the Path of Surrender.

Path of Surrender

1 Examine the control panel to start a hacking battle. Enter the server room once it's open.

After the cutscenes, take the elevator again back at the Hall of Contracts.

Promised Land

1 Final battle. Defeat False God Demiurge!
2 Everything will go back to normal after winning the battle. Enjoy the rest of the scenes and congratulations on completing the main story!

Tree of Knowledge Boss Fights

Mini-Boss: The Blackened Fury and Merciless Inquisitor

Neither of these two are very threatening. Focus your attacks on one of them first, preferably the one your Persona is strong against (Yusuke vs The Blackened Fury, Ryuji vs Merciless Inquisitor, and so on). Haru also works well against Merciless Inquisitor since she has a good set of Gun skills while Yusuke works really well against The Blackened Fury since it's weak to Ice and has melee attacks that Yusuke can counter.

Mini-Boss: Shadow of God

P5S Metatron Battle.png

Your first real challenge in this Jail(?) unless you have a Persona like Trumpeter that can block Bless attacks. The Shadow of God is weak to Electric and Curse attacks so use the best one you got to quickly deplete her Down Gauge. Eventually, she will start summoning trash mobs and even pocket versions of herself that can drag the battle. Use the fruit of knowledge hanging around and perform a Phantom Dash to clear them out as soon as possible.

Stay away from your teammates when she starts casting Megidolaon and quickly jump to avoid the attack. Its area of effect isn't really wide but will deal massive damage to any party member caught in the blast.

Boss: False God Demiurge

False God Demiurge.png

Phase 1

Don't get intimidated by what you see. Assuming that you have the latest gear, you won't get completely obliterated if you got hit by its slow attacks. The Demiurge is resistant to all elemental attacks except Bless and Curse so try to exploit these weaknesses.

Basically you just let out attacks like a madman while paying attention to what Futaba is saying. She will give a description of the Demiurge's next attack such as when it will unleash a frontal attack, flank attack, homing attack, etc. Most of these are easy to dodge except when Futaba says that the field is gonna get toasted, which you should respond by moving through the Path of Light on either side.

Continue attacking until you reach the next phase of the final battle.

Phase 2

Hopefully, you have a decent gear setup even for the characters you're not using. Otherwise, you're screwed. You'll have to divide into 3 groups to weaken the Demiurge. We recommend having at least one healer and one attacker per group and make sure they are all fully recovered before starting the battle.

During the first two battles, your objective is to destroy every sphere in the field. These spheres are squishy but can overwhelm you with their bombardment of different types of attacks. Focus on taking out the spheres that can heal and summon first so the battle doesn't get dragged.

After destroying the spheres, Joker and his party will take on the weakened Demiurge. Same strategy as the first phase: wait for an opening and let out your attacks, preferably Curse and Bless skills. This time, it will use elemental attacks, one after another. The attack that you should be most careful of is the Ice orbs as it will send shockwaves that can freeze your team across the platform.

When it starts casting Voltaic Purge, zip to the other platforms using the Path of Light until it stops, where it will resume its attack pattern.

Once the Demiurge's health bar is completely depleted, you will be prompted to execute an All-Out attack that will put an end to the game's final boss.

Tree of Knowledge Items

Base of the Great Tree

List of Items
Mechanical Heart

Path of Yearning

List of Items
Evil Smile

Path of Surrender

List of Items
HP Incense Balm of Life

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