Persona 5 Strikers

Beginner's Tips

This guide will cover tips you need as you start out in Persona 5 Strikers. Check out our tips for managing Personas, Combat, Party Composition, Jails, Items, and more!

Persona Tips

Take Note of Skill Inheritance

Fusion in Persona 5 Strikers allows you to pass along the Parent Skills to the result Persona, so choose which of your personas to fuse wisely.

Spend Persona Points on High-Level Personas

You might want to hold off on spending Persona Points on low-level Personas such as Pixie. Instead, invest your Persona Points on High-Level Personas that will give you more benefits in the battlefield.

Always Fuse Better Personas

As you'll be using two Personas to yield to a new one, we recommend you fuse Personas that will complement the ones in your roster to be more effective.

Persona Management

Always register your persona at their current highest level or else they'll revert to their last logged level upon dismissing them.

Pay Attention to Persona Synergies

Pair up a Persona that has Status Buffs and Debuffs with another Persona that will deal damage. This will make your Skill Attacks more potent.

Combat and Party Tips

Take Advantage of the Environment

Persona 5 Strikers has new in-battle mechanics wherein you are able to interact with objects and infrastructure in Jails.

You can perform ambushes by hiding in cover points such as cars, walls, traffic signals, light posts, and the likes. Likewise, you can perform Spin Attacks by jumping down on your enemies from objects or infrastracture that give you higher positioning advantage.

Perform Ambushes

As much as possible, always perform an Ambush attack on your enemies. Executing this mechanic will give you the upper-hand as the battle will start with your enemies already incapacitated and, at times, enabling you to perform an All-Out Attack right off the bat.

Always Have a Dedicated Support Player

Always have a player in your Party that will focus on healing, status buffs and debuffs. Characters such as Morgana and Sophia are perfect for this role.

Pass the Baton

Switch to the other characters in your party as this will help you unlock Master Arts for each character that they will learn through combat. Likewise, performing a Baton Pass will cause the Showtime gauge to fill faster.

Invest in BOND Skills

Certain BOND Skills will give you and your party stat boosts, your Persona's abilities boosts, and other BOND Skills come in handy while you traverse the world of Persona 5 Strikers.

Manage Your SP

Attack Combos

We recommend you try saving your SP for tough bosses. You can conserve your SP by triggering Attack Combos that are associated with a Skill or Elemental Attack.

Trigger All-Out Attacks

Especially helpful with enemies that shields. You can finish off enemies with All-Out Attacks after breaking through their defenses by hitting their elemental weakness.

Instead of resorting to using SP Skills for every attack, you'll save more SP this way.

Jail Exploration Tips

Use Third-Eye

Third-Eye helps with navigating through Jails as it will home in on hiding spots, waypoints, items, and more.

Look for Checkpoints

Look for every checkpoint in each Jail as this will allow you some breathing room to reorganize your party, or restart the dungeon and return fresh with topped up HP and SP.

Grab Every Item

Loot as much as you can! You might find materials you can sell or other items that will be useful in combat.

Item Tips

Stock Up on SP Items

SP Recovery Items will help top up your characters' SP meters and in turn will enable you to explore and fight in Jails for much longer. These are especially helpful at the beginning of the game when your party has overall less SP. You can buy these at vending machines and stores in each city.

Acquire Every Recipe

Each city will have their own recipes, make sure you acquire and cook them as it will not only unlock a trophy, but will also gain you BOND experience and Items to use in Jails.

Use HP Items Often

Use HP Items for healing in place of Dia Skills to conserve SP.

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