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Trapped in the Great Tree Request (Side Quest) Walkthrough

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This is a guide for the request Trapped in a the Great Tree in Persona 5 Strikers. Read on to find out where to find the mysteriously hidden Desire!

Trapped in the Great Tree Request Info

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Request Giver Morgana
Date 8/30
Reward Master Coffee Recipe
Request Description
Head to the Path of Surrender area. Search for a ledge that you can get on to near where you come in from the Path of Yearning. The Desire will be at the top.
I can smell a Desire inside the Tokyo Radio Tower. I don't know exactly where, though – it's hidden away. Tracking down this Desire might be tough, but only we can do it!
Missable? No
Repeatable No

Trapped in the Great Tree Request Walkthrough

Map View
No. Guide
Fast Travel to the Path of Yearning checkpoint in the Tree of Knowledge Jail and make your way up to the Path of Surrender.
There, make your up to the second level until you reach the end of a corridor. There will be a ledge to your right you can jump on to to get the Desire. It is beside a chest which you can open.

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