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Kyoto Jail Story Walkthrough and Map

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This is the story walkthrough for the Kyoto Jail in Persona 5 Strikers (P5S). Here you'll find a guide on how to complete this area, maps of each featured location, boss strategies, and a list of items that can be found.

Kyoto Jail Maps

List of Maps
Inari Taisha

Kyoto Jail Story Walkthrough

Kyoto Jail Part 1

Inari Taisha

1 You'll start right inside Kyoto Jail. Make your way to the objective marker and a cutscene will start.
2 After the cutscene and some dialogues, you'll take control of Zenkichi in this stealth mission. Use the cover points to sneak your way to the objective marker.

Take the south path to sneak to the center then move to the other side to reach the stairs (and another cutscene).
3 VALJEAN! Defeat the Shadows with Wolf and rescue the Phantom Thieves.
4 After the battle and dialogues, infiltrate Kyoto Jail again.

Kyoto Jail Part 2

Inari Taisha

1 There won't be any Shadow in the first area like before. Proceed to the objective marker and activate the checkpoint.
2 Go west to the next area and examine the marked house to eavesdrop on the guards.
3 Now that you know the whereabouts of the Father Fox Shrine, head to the northeastern part of the map.
You'll be warped somewhere else and if you listen to the conversation ahead, you'll find out that the warp gates aren't random so you'll just need to remember them.

Before you go, look on your right to find a chest with a Chief's Cutlass.
Go further south and you will be warped in front of a chest containing Bear Gloves S. Requires Safecracker Lv2.
Go south again until you reach another warp gate that will bring you back to the east of the first checkpoint. Head to the area west of the first checkpoint and enter the southern warp gate for a chest with a Speed Master.
7 Go back and take the west warp gate this time. Keep following the linear path and after 3 warp gates, you'll land in the area where the second checkpoint is. Activate the checkpoint
8 Do not go through the south warp gate just yet as it will take you back to the first checkpoint. Engage the Shadow blocking the other path so you can proceed.
This warp gate will take you to the Father Fox Shrine. Approach the shrine and defeat the Calamitous Cat God. *aeong~*
10 Go back to the previous area after the battle and eavesdrop on another conversation to learn about a ritual(?).
Use the warp gate south of the checkpoint and examine the fox statues. Now you have to pray to different shrines in order. Pray to the Couple Fox Shrine first.
12 Head east then take the north warp gate to get to the Path of Harmony. Pray to the Harmony Shrine.
13 Travel to the warp gate south and pray to the Parental Shrine.
14 Travel south then go all the way west to reach the Daughter Fox Shrine.
Finally, take the warp gate west to reach teh Fortune Shrine. A gate will be revealed. Enter it to reach the Mother Fox Shrine and a battle with the Monk of the Valley.
After the battle, go back to the Couple Fox Shrine to reveal another gate. The chest on your right can only be opened with Safecracker Lv3 or higher so come back to this later.
17 Make your way to the end of the path and confront Shadow Akane.
After defeating Akane's Joker, you'll automatically go back to the real world and head to the next city.

Kyoto Jail Boss Fights

Mini-Boss: Calamitous Cat God

Kyoto Jail Inari Taisha Calamitous Cat God.jpg

Stay close to him while attacking and try to perfect dodge his melee attack for a follow-up. When he jumps, he will either cast Heat Wave or shoot three fireballs, both won't hit you if you jump close to him and with the right timing. Spam Wind skills to deplete his Down Gauge and execute an All-Out attack. You can also use the crackers in the corners to deal Wind damage. Just make sure it hits the cat.

Mini-Boss: Monk of the Valley

Kyoto Jail Monk of the Valley.jpg

If you brought Yusuke here, he can end this fight quickly due to the enemy's weakness to Ice. Zenkichi and Haru's Triple Down can also bring down the monk's Down Gauge in no time. Unfortunately, the objects lying around inflicts Physical damage but you can still use it to move around and dodge his attacks.

Boss: Akane's Joker

Kyoto Jail Akane

Hope you leveled Joker enough for this battle as this will be a duel. Well... not exactly, as Futaba will still back you up. Anyway, you'd want to equip your strongest Persona here mostly for the stats as Akane's Joker doesn't seem to have any elemental affinity.

Futaba will occasionally cast support skills and replenish your SP but just in case, save your SP for healing unless you brought a ton of SP recovery items.

Basically you'll want to use your △ attacks and wait for an opening before you perform a follow-up combo. Back away as soon as the Shadow recovers his stance and repeat.

Be sure not to miss action prompts as you can take out a chunk of his health if you win the button mash sequence.

Kyoto Jail Items

Inari Taisha

List of Items
Chief's Cutlass Bear Gloves S
Speed Master ?

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