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How to Get Persona Points Fast | Persona Points Farming Guide

This is a guide to farming Persona Points in Persona 5 Strikers. Learn what Persona Points are, how to get Persona Points fast and what to spend them on!

What Are Persona Points?

Points Spent On Strengthening Personas

Persona Points are the form of currency used for strengthening Personas, which can be used in the Velvet Room. They help you bypass the grind system of strengthening Personas.

Dismiss Personas

This is a game mechanic you can exploit to rake in loads of Persona Points. Follow these simple steps and earn Persona Points fast!

1 Make sure to Register your Persona in the Velvet Room first if you plan on Summoning them again in the future.
2 Go to the Pause Menu, select the Persona tab, and then go on Joker's tab.
3 Select a Persona and then simply Delete them.
4 You can dismiss as many Personas as you want, but you may also Summon the Persona you had just deleted and then rinse, repeat!
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List of Personas

Collect Masks in Jails

This method helps a great deal with farming Persnoa Points. Personas' Masks are dropped randomly after a successful battle and one way to aid in collecting more masks is by acquiring Joker's Wild.

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Get BOND Skill Joker's Wild

Acquire Joker's Wild and upgrade it as much as possible to increase chance for masks to manifest after you defeat enemies in Jails.

Defeat Enemies in Jails

The classic way of acquiring Persona Points is by defeating enemies in Jails. You can amass a huge amount of Persona Points in Jails in the latter part of the game, so keep this in mind!

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5 Anonymousover 2 years

Fusion accident gave me a little 75 queen mab. $21K 140K points.

4 Anonymousover 2 years

Or just look up Rosalind guide on how to get over 99 personas and You will not only have strong personas but also a shit ton of those points


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