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This is the story walkthrough for the Okinawa Jail in Persona 5 Strikers (P5S). Here you'll find a guide on how to complete this area, maps of each featured location, boss strategies, and a list of items that can be found.

Okinawa Jail Maps

List of Maps

Okinawa Jail Story Walkthrough


Find the research lab. Head to the northeastern corner of the Ferry Dock and talk to Zenkichi.
2 After the beach episode, go to where Morgana is and examine the sign. After the cutscenes, you will automatically enter Okinawa Jail.

Okinawa Jail


1 Head to the marker and examine the tape recorder.
2 Go to the next marker where you will find Sophia.
In the next room, use your Third Eye and find the air vent that will lead you to the other room.
4 Keep opening doors until you reach a hallway where you encounter Legions.
After the battle, break one of the second set of glasses and use your Third Eye to find a vent. Crawl through the vent to reach the chest containing a Kris Dagger. Required Safecracker Lv2.
6 Defeat the Shadows in the next room and use the air vent to get to the other side.
Approach the next marker to initiate a battle with a wave of Shadows. Once the battle is done, hop on one of the cover points then grab on to one of the moving hooks to reach a chest containing a Hacker Gear Mk. 3. Requires Safecracker Lv.1.
8 Use the other hook to drop near the air vent above then crawl to the other side. As you approach the door leading to the checkpoint, another group of Shadows will attack you.
Continue to the next area and activate the checkpoint. Check the room near the end of the hallway for a chest with a Resist Curse.
10 Crawl through the vent to get to a side-scroller on the west side. Be careful not to raise the alarm by getting caught in the spotlights.
Keep hanging on to the hooks until you reach a chest with a Resist Elec inside.
Break through the glass at the end but before you proceed to the gate. Break another glass on your left and open the small room for a chest containing 2 Revival Beads.
Go back and enter the room for the jail's mini-boss, Hundred-Armed Watcher.
Proceed onward to the next room after the battle. There are also moving hooks you can hang on to to move around the room. Make your way to the center of the room for a chest containing a Speed Incense.
15 Open the door to the hallway and fight your way to the next marker. Examine the control panel to start a hacking battle.
Enter the Cage of Desolation and defeat the Lock Keeper.


1 When you're ready to go, hop in the RV and go to the next city!

Okinawa Jail Boss Fights

Mini-Boss: Hundred-Armed Watcher

Okinawa Jail Hundred-Armed Watcher.jpg

This mini-boss is weak to Bless so Sophia is a good choice in this fight. He is strong against Gun attacks and drains Curse attacks, that's two affinities out of your choices but you still have a wide array of skills to choose from so this battle won't be that difficult.

Boss: Lock Keeper

Okinawa Jail Lock Keeper.jpg

A bit too early for the Lock Keeper, and this is Okinawa Jail's boss! This Lock Keeper can use the weapons and moves from the previous Lock Keepers. Fortunately, its attacks are also easy to predict. Use the cover points to move around the room before charging from a safe position.

Take note of its elemental weaknesses, Bless and Curse. Exploit these to quickly deplete its Down Gauge then execute an All-Out attack to finish the battle faster.

Okinawa Jail Items


List of Items
Kris Dagger Hacker Gear Mk. 3 Resist Curse
Resist Elec Revival Bead x2 Speed Incense

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