Persona 5 Strikers

List of Master Arts

This is a list of every Master Arts learned by all the characters in Persona 5 Strikers. Learn about the Master Arts effects and which characters are able to learn them!

List of Master Arts

Protagonist Master Arts

Master Arts Effect
Marking Shot Perform a follow-up after a ground or midair gun attack.
Wild Rush Perform an additional Persona attack with X/△ after □□□□□△/YYYYYX.
Phantom Barrage △/X attacks won't consume ammo. Press △/X after certain attacks to perform an additional three-shot attack.
Dead Shot While aiming with L1/L, holding R1/R will gradually consume ammo to perform an increasingly powerful shot.

Protagonist Basic Info, Usage Guide, and Skills

Ryuji Master Arts

Master Arts Effect
In My Sights Perform a follow-up after □□△/YYX.
Good Measure □△/YX slam attack does increased damage. If the attack is charged Captain Kidd will also attack.
Sprinter Speeds up the charge up rate of attacks.
Rebel Yell Extends the active time of △ Tougness and increses the chance of reducing damage.

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Ann Master Arts

Master Arts Effect
No Escape Perform a follow-up after □□□□□/YYYYY.
Feel the Heat When △/X Enchant is active, perform a downswing attack by pressing △/X at the end of combo attacks.
Crocodile Tears □△/YX summons Carmen and casts Tarunda.
Wildfire Panther's Fire affinity attacks do increased damage and have an increased chance of inflicting Burn.

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Morgana Master Arts

Master Arts Effect
Animal Instinct Perform a follow-up after □□□□△/YYYYX.
Cat's Paw Enemies are pulled in during the spinning portion of □△, or with □□□△.
Miracle Punch □□△ will have a slight chance of becoming a Miracle Punch.
Cyclone Charge While transformed, perform a ram attack that generates a Wind affinity shockwave.

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Yusuke Master Arts

Master Arts Effect
Gleaming Blade Perform a follow-up after □□△/YYX.
High Counter △/X counters or performing □□□□△/YYYYX temporarily increases the number of hits triggered when pressing △/X repeatedly.
Legendary Thief □△ summons Goemon and casts Sukukaja. Press △ repeatedly to cast Masukukaja instead.
Ice Counter △ special attacks inflict Freeze. Press △ repeatedly to increase the chance of Freeze.

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Makoto Master Arts

Master Arts Effect
Wheelie Rush Perform a follow-up after □□△/YYX.
Phantom Star Rider △ Burst strengthens Johanna's △ special attacks.
Fortified Moxy △ Burst strengthens melee △ special attacks.
Nuclear Reaction Trigerring a 1 More or follow-ups automatically activates Burst.

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Sophia Master Arts

Master Arts Effect
Drive Spinner Perform a follow-up after □□□□△/YYYYX.
Data Sync Performing □ or midair □ attacks with good timing will increase attack power by one upgrade level.
Blast Processing △ special attack is enhanced after a Perfect Catch. While upgraded, press △ repeatedly after □△/□□△ for more hits.
Mega Blaster While aiming with L1, hold R1 to fire a gravity bullet. Successfully performing a Perfect Catch will replenish ammo.

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Haru Master Arts

Master Arts Effect
Axe Waltz Perform a follow-up after □□□□/YYYY.
Vertigo Slash Chance of inflicting Dizzy with □△.
Ballroom Blitzer Increases the range and damage of all gun attacks. While holding △, ammo will no longer be consumed.
Etoile While holding △ special attacks, attacks gradually become faster, and you become harder to flinch.

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