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This is a list of every type of Skill in Persona 5 Strikers. Check the links below for more detailed info on each Skill type and more!

List of Skills

Physical Skills

Skills that deal Physical or Gun damage to enemies making use of the Strength stat. These skills use a percentage of the users HP instead of SP to activate.

List of Physical Skills

Magical Skills

Skills that deal various types of elemental damage to enemies based on a Persona's Magic stat, perfect for exploiting weaknesses.

List of Magical Skills

Recovery Skills

Skills that can restore HP, remove status ailments, or even resurrect KO'd party members.

List of Recovery Skills

Support Skills

Skills that can buff your party in various ways or debuff groups of enemies to keep yourself ahead of the game.

List of Support Skills

Status Skills

Skills that can inflict a variety of status ailments from Sleep to Brainwash to cripple your foes.

List of Status Skills

Passive Skills

Skills that don't require SP to use, providing various buffs and boosts.

List of Passive Skills

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