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This is the story walkthrough for the Sapporo Jail in Persona 5 Strikers (P5S). Here you'll find a guide on how to complete this area, maps of each featured location, boss strategies, and a list of items that can be found.

Sapporo Jail Maps

List of Maps
Sapporo Jail Suzushino.jpgEnlarge Suzushino Sapporo Jail Odori Park.jpgEnlarge Odori Park
Sapporo Jail Sapporo Clocktower.jpgEnlarge Sapporo Clocktower Sapporo Jail Arboretum.jpgEnlarge Arboretum
Sapporo Jail Sapporo Tower.jpgEnlarge Sapporo Tower Sapporo Jail Former Govt. Office.jpgEnlarge Former Govt. Office
Sapporo Jail Great Dining Hall.jpgEnlarge Great Dining Hall Sapporo Jail Main Hall.jpgEnlarge Main Hall
Sapporo Jail Corridor of Ice.jpgEnlarge Corridor of Ice Sapporo Jail Rooftop Courtyard.jpgEnlarge Rooftop Courtyard

Sapporo Jail Story Walkthrough


1 Head to the bathhouse in Suzushino.
2 Sapporo Jail Investigation 1.jpgEnlarge
After some cutscenes, you will need to conduct another investigation. Walk past Ann and talk listen to the Glassy-Eyed Man to increase the progress.
3 Sapporo Jail Investigation 2.jpgEnlarge
Walk accross the street ant talk to the Political Old Man and the Fancy Cabaret Hostess near Ryuji.
4 Sapporo Jail Investigation 3.jpgEnlarge
Head north and talk to the Cynical Woman.
5 Sapporo Jail Investigation 4.jpgEnlarge
Go back to the other street and talk to the Gaunt Businessman in front of Akagire to complete the investigation.
6 After returning from the Velvet Room, head to Suzushino Intersection to enter Sapporo Jail.

Sapporo Jail Part 1


1 A group of shadows will attack you as soon as you step in the jail. Defeat them to continue.
2 Sapporo Jail Suzushino Chest 1.jpgEnlarge
After the battle, open the chest on your left to obtain a Snuff Soul.
3 Sapporo Jail Suzushino Chest 2.jpgEnlarge
Move to the next intersection and make a left for a chest containing a Lucky Charm.
4 Sapporo Jail Suzushino Chest 3.jpgEnlarge
Now head east and climb the building to the top. Before you move along the rope, fight your way further to the east for a chest containing an HP Incense.
5 Go back up and slide to the other side to reach Odori Park.

Odori Park

1 Head straight to the ice wall in front of you for a cutscene. Don't miss the checkpoint as there's a strong Shadow patrolling ahead.
2 Run east to Sapporo Clocktower.

Sapporo Clocktower

1 Sapporo Jail Sapporo Clocktower Chest 1.jpgEnlarge
You can go straight to the tower or you can roam around first for goodies. Go left and up the building. Once on top, go left again and climb another for a chest with a Technical Adept. Requires Safecracker Lv1.
2 Sapporo Jail Sapporo Clocktower Chest 2.jpgEnlarge
Now go to the east side of the map and climb the building. You will immediately spot a chest containing Army Socks.
3 Sapporo Jail Sapporo Clocktower Chest 3.jpgEnlarge
Okay you can reach for the core now. Go to the center of the map and search for a chest beside the van on the right. This chest contains a Dormin Rush.
4 Climb the tower and grab the core. Head outside for a surprise. Defeat the Shadows to continue.
5 Sapporo Jail Using the ice mass.jpgEnlarge
Proceed to the marker and activate one of the 4 heaters. You won't be able to see far now because of the snowstorm so be careful not to get ambushed when running around. Activate all 4 heaters to complete the objective.

For the eastern heater, you need to push the ice mass and use it to reach the platform with a double jump.
6 Go back to Odori Park after clearing the snowstorm.

Odori Park

1 Sapporo Jail Mocking Snowman.jpgEnlarge
Oh hello Jack Frost. Defeat the Mocking Snowman waiting for you.
2 After the battle, head west to Arboretum.


1 Move toward the next marker until you reach an overlook of the prison keep.
2 Continue heading west to the room where you get ambushed by a bunch of Mothmen. Defeat every single one to proceed.
3 Sapporo Jail Arboretum Chest 1.jpgEnlarge
Make your way up and activate the checkpoint. You can also find a chest nearby containing a Mudo Boost.
4 Grab a snowboard from the rack and slide down the hill.
5 Another hacking game. Yay! (?) Protect Futaba until she's done hacking the terminal.
6 Go inside for the after party. When the coast is clear, activate the heater at the back.
7 Climb the tower, grab the core, and make your way to the east back to Odori Park.

Odori Park

1 Sapporo Jail Vampire Moth.jpgEnlarge
As you approach the marker, big boi Vampire Moth will suddenly talk to you. Defeat him to continue your journey.
2 After the battle, head east to the recently unblocked Sapporo Tower.

Sapporo Tower

1 The path to the prison keep is blocked by an ice wall. Go straight ahead and climb the ice hill to the top.
2 Slide down using the snowboard and defeat all Shadows at the foot.
3 Push the ice mass against the wall and use it to infiltrate the keep.
4 From the cover point, perform an ambush to the nearest Shadow. Clear the area before climbing the tower and grabbing the core at the top.
5 Sapporo Jail Sapporo Tower Chest 1.jpgEnlarge
Go back down and exit to the left where you'll immediately find a chest containing a Rage Boost.
6 Sapporo Jail Dark Sun.jpgEnlarge
Go back to the previous area and approach the Former Govt. Office. Defeat Dark Sun and you will go back to the real world.


1 Once you're back in control, enter the RV and infiltrate Sapporo Jail again. Warp to Odori Park and head to the Former Govt. Office.

Sapporo Jail Part 2

Former Govt. Office

1 Sapporo Jail Castle Front Area Chest 1.jpgEnlarge
Make a left at the fork and fight your way to the end of the path for a chest containing a Flash Bomb.
2 Sapporo Jail Castle Front Area Chest 2.jpgEnlarge
Go to the next objective marker until you reach the puzzle. First, the chest. Push the upper ice mass right, up, right, and up then open the chest for a Thermo Dress.
3 Now the other ice mass. Push it right, up, right, and up to reach the balcony.

Great Dining Hall

1 Defeat the Shadows before proceeding to the Main Hall. Use the chandelier to stun the enemies before taking them out with consecutive All-Out attacks.

Main Hall

1 More Shadows will appear and another chandelier to help you wipe them out. Enter the Corridor of Ice after the battle.

Corridor of Ice

1 Sapporo Jail Corridor of Ice Chest 1.jpgEnlarge
Don't bother checking the door ahead as it's blocked by ice. Make a right at the fork and defeat the Shadows before opening the chest containing a Guard Incense.
2 Go through the door to reach the Rooftop Courtyard.

Rooftop Courtyard

1 Sapporo Jail Wishless Star and Divine Governor.jpgEnlarge
Hop on the cover points and land on the top to engage Wishless Star and Divine Governor.
2 After the battle, you'll be warped back to the real world.


1 Sapporo Jail Lock Keeper.jpgEnlarge
Hop on the RV and head to your destination. Defeat the Sapporo Jail Lock Keeper!
2 After the battle, return to the RV and send a callingcard.
3 Regroup with Haru at the park.
4 Sapporo Jail Snow Empress Mariko.jpgEnlarge
After a few dialogues, you will warp straight to Sapporo Jail. Go straight to the Former Govt. Office checkpoint and confront Sapporo Jail's Monarch, Snow Empress Mariko.
5 When the battle and some cutscenes are all over, pick a partner for the Ferris wheel. Choose who you want, it won't affect anything other than the dialogue.
6 Afterward, you can now go back to the RV and ride for the next city.

Sapporo Jail Boss Fights

Mini-Boss: Mocking Snowman

Sapporo Jail Mocking Snowman.jpg

As you may have already guessed, he is weak to Fire attacks. His attacks are slow too and are easy to dodge. If you can deplete his Down Gauge, you can end this fight sooner.

Mini-Boss: Vampire Moth

Sapporo Jail Vampire Moth knives.jpg

Vampire Moth is weak to those knives scattered in the area. You can use those to whittle down his Down Gauge and ultimately execute an All-Out attack.

Mini-Boss: Dark Sun

Sapporo Jail Dark Sun affinity.jpg

Dark Sun has 3 weaknesses so focus on spamming skills that exploit these. Do not, at all costs, use skills with Fire or Nuke affinity as he will just absorb those. Also prepare to dodge the shockwave with a jump when he stays midair for a moment.

Mini-Boss: Wishless Star and Divine Governor

Sapporo Jail Wishless Star and Divine Governor.jpg

Focus your attacks on Divine Governor first as she(?) can cast healing spells which will just drag on the battle. After taking out the governor, the battle will be much easier as the star's attacks can be easily dodged. As usual, don't forget to exploit their elemental weaknesses to deplete their Down Gauge.

Mini-Boss: Lock Keeper

Sapporo Jail Lock Keeper.jpg

This Lock Keeper is easier than the previous ones since it only has two damaging attacks which are both very noticeable and thus easy to dodge. The big problem here is he can use support skills like Marakukaja on the Shadows he summons. This will make your attacks less efficient and make the battle longer.

Try to interrupt him while he is trying to cast a buff by using skills that inflicts status effects such as Freeze. Follow it up with Psy skills to exploit his weakness and maximize the damage due to the debuff placed on him.

Make sure to bring SP recovery items so you can spam skills he is weak against and land an All-Out attack.

Boss: Snow Empress Mariko

Sapporo Jail Snow Empress Mariko chandelier.jpg

Kinda weird since she isn't weak to Fire despite having a literal body of snow. Or is it snow? Anyway, she is weak to Psy and Curse attacks so Arsene is your best bet here. Don't bother using Ice and Electric skills as it won't do any damage and using Nuke skills is a waste of precious SP.

When she starts going berserk, Psy attacks are much more painful so use those instead of Curse attacks until she calms down.

Dropping her health down to certain percentages will have her swallow one of your members. Drop a chandelier on her to stagger her and free your teammate.

Sapporo Jail Snow Empress Mariko Freeze and Shiver.jpg

When she casts Freeze and Shiver, examine one of the heaters in the corners of the room to reverse the effect.

Sapporo Jail Items


List of Items
Snuff Soul Lucky Charm HP Incense

Sapporo Clocktower

List of Items
Technical Adept Army Socks Dormin Rush


List of Items
Mudo Boost

Sapporo Tower

List of Items
Rage Boost

Former Govt. Office

List of Items
Flash Bomb Thermo Dress

Corridor of Ice

List of Items
Guard Incense

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