Persona 5 Strikers

Milady Stats and Skills

This page has everything you need to know about the Persona Milady from Persona 5 Strikers. Keep reading to find out this Persona's strengths, weaknesses, and skills it learns!

Milady Stats and Affinities

Arcana Level Inherit
Empress 4 Psy
Reflect Absorb Null Resist Weak
- - - Psy Nuke
St Ma En Ag Lu
6 6 5 7 6
The beautiful woman that appears in Dumas's "Three Musketeers." Branded with a fleur-de-lis symbol, she used many aliases to control nobility and get her vengeance.

Skills Milady Learns

Skill Learned Effect Cost
Psi Innate Light Psy dmg to an area of foes. Effective against foes inflicted with status ailments. 8 SP
Evil Touch Innate High chance of Fear to an area of foes. 8 SP
Snap 6 Medium Gun dmg to an area of foes. 9% HP
Hysterical Slap 9 Light Physical dmg to an area of foes with medium chance of inflicting Rage. 10% HP
Finesse 11 Increases dmg rate of Technical hits. -
Amrita Drop 14 Cures all non-special ailments for one ally. 4 SP
Mapsi 18 Light Psy dmg to a wide area of foes. Effective against foes inflicted with status ailments. 10 SP
Gun Boost 24 Strengthens Gun attacks. Stacks with Gun Amp. -
Triple Down 30 Heavy Gun dmg to a wide area of foes with high chance of Critical. 63 HP

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