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How to Get Lucifer | Lucifer Fusion Guide

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This page explains how to get the Persona Lucifer. Read on to find out Lucifer's strengths and weaknesses, and what other Personas you need for Fusion!

Lucifer Persona

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Lucifer is the most powerful of all Personas that you can fuse for in the game. To fuse for Lucifer, you'll need a Level 80 Metatron, a Level 72 Mara, a Level 75 Alice, a Level 78 Yoshitsune, and a Level 65 Black Frost.

How to Get Lucifer Persona

Farm for Yen

Before you try fusing for Lucifer, you'll need at least 3 million Yen if you wish to avoid grinding. You will need to use all this money to summon Personas in the registry that provide high amounts of Persona Points, which you will also need to level up needed Personas to their required levels.

Money Farming Guide

Farm for Persona Points

Apart from Yen, you will also require at least ~4-5 Million Persona Points if you have not levelled up the needed Personas, particularly the entry level Personas you get in the first half of the game. You can easily do this by summoning and deleting Personas from the registry, repeating this process for good amounts of Persona Points in return.

Persona Points Farming Guide

Getting Lucifer

No. Guide
Complete the game's final Jail, Tree of Knowledge.
Complete all of the game's requests, including Powerful Personas, Dire Shadows, and Painful Past Requests
Gather all of the needed Personas.
Start a New Game+ and craft Lucifer when you visit the Velvet Room for the first time.

Required Personas

Black Frost

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To get Black Frost, you will first need to complete the quest Make Way for the Frozen King to get the Giant Snow Crystal which will allow you to fuse King Frost.

From there, you'll need a Level 45 Jack-o'-Lantern, a Level 45 Jack Frost, and a Level 65 King Frost to be able to fuse Black Frost.

Monarch of Snow Request Boss
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An easier Persona to fuse due to the Personas you need being some you would have created if you do the Prison Mail requests, you will need a Level 60 Archangel, a Level 60 Principality, a Level 65 Trumpeter, and a Level 65 Dominion. Prior to this, you will need to have finished the request Angel of Contracts Descends.

Metatron Request Boss
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Yoshitsune can be fused through other fusable Personas within the Velvet Room. It requires a bit of leg work to get the Personas involved to their appropriate levels, as you will need a Level 70 Siegfried, a Level 50 Arahabaki, a Level 50 Okuninushi, and a Level 60 Yatagarasu.


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Similar to Yoshitsune, Alice's needed Personas are all easily fused in the Velvet Room. The only challenge is to level them up, as you will need a Level 65 Nebiros, a Level 65 Lilith, a Level 65 Bugs, and a Level 65 Dominion.


P5S Mara.png

There are two ways to get this persona. If you have registered Alice and Yoshitsune, you can easily fuse them together to form Mara. Another way is to fuse together a Level 70 Cerberus, a Level 70 Kali, and a Level 70 Abaddon.

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